Review: Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0


I’m going to try something a little different this review.  As my experience with the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 goes on, I’ll be updating the review to reflect what exactly I think about the shoe.  


7/1:  My custom pair arrived today, purchased from the pre-sale they had at the beginning of June so the customs got here in pretty damn good time.  Putting my foot in them, my first thoughts were that they felt a lot like Nano 3.0’s; the outsole sure looks the same.  One noticeable difference is that the toe-box is more narrow, though unlike my size 9.5 Nano 3.0’s, my 2nd toe jams into the front of the shoe like it did on my size 9 3.0’s that I eventually got rid of because I deemed them too small.  Oddly enough, I had a pair of white Nano 4.0’s also come in today, size 9, and the overall shoe feels more narrow, yet the clearance up front is damn near exactly the same as my 9.5’s.  Weird indeed.  All I did was coach today, actual performance notes coming tomorrow and possibly a comparison video.



7/2: Quick size and feel comparison video up!

So, today I said “what the hell…” and put on my white Nano 4.0’s that I actually only ordered to test for sizing.  Reason being, they just felt more natural on my feet.  For some odd reason, the little bit of space that I have in the 9.5’s makes it so that I jam my toes more often than the more form fitting 9’s.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you previously owned only U-Forms and 2.0’s, size 4.0’s the same.  If you’re coming from 3.0’s being a comfortable fit, then size them the same.

Today the programming called for max height box jumps; the WOD was ring muscle ups, moderate power cleans, box jumps and double unders.  No stability problems jumping onto a plyo-box with plates stacked on top up to 51″.  The shoes felt a little stiff, probably because they’re new, but not something that I would recommend normally to go for a max height jump.  As far as the rest of the WOD movements, power delivery and stability were excellent during the power cleans.  Once again, the shoes are stiff, I could feel my arches starting to ache later on in the WOD from all the jumping (power cleans, box jumps, DU) being done.  Otherwise, I can’t really complain about performance, they felt great albeit a little stiff.  I didn’t have to think twice about the shoes I was wearing at the time, which is always good.  Now that the sizing issue from the 3.0’s is fixed, I think I might actually have a candidate for favorite CrossFit shoe here.  Let’s just hope they break in well.

7/8:  Added Impressions

The new, slimmer silhouette of the Nano 4.0 actually helps a lot for runs.  While it’s still not the best running shoe, its definitely better than the 3.0 and on par with the 2.0.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that these are probably the best fitting Nano since the 2.0, my previous favorite.  Combine the fit and the benefits that the Nano 3.0 had and you’re looking at probably the best Nano to date.  I haven’t yet found a lot wrong with the shoe, though I do have one minor gripe; the part of the shoe that is on the back and around where your ankles would be that is made of this cheaper feeling fabric.  It’s the same kind that is used on the ZQuick TR’s and the ONE 1.0 Trainers, it’s plush and I think it feels cheap and not durable like the mesh fabric parts of the shoe.

I think the next time I update this review, It’ll be a final one following the same format as all the reviews on shoes I’ve done before.

 7/10:  Full Review


To me, the Nano 4.0’s visual appeal is exactly on par with the Nano 3.0  If you liked the previous model’s looks, chances are you’re going to find the newer model’s design as appealing.  I’m going to say that there’s less Duracage this time around, and more mesh spots.  As mentioned before, I’m not a fan of the felt-like material that’s around where your ankles are.  The new eyelet lacing design is actually more effective in getting a locked down fit compared to the more linear lacing system they used in the 3.0’s.   While the upper has gone through some minor changes, absolutely nothing has been changed to the outsole.  Same dual density sole, same Metasplit grooves, same RopePro.  It’s always different strokes for different folks when it comes to looks.  I’m a fan of the way that Reebok is taking their CrossFit shoes, I like the blend of the Duracage and mesh panels since it gives the shoe more of a high quality, futuristic look.  I always wondered who came up with those crazy colorways, but this time around there’s only one that I think is bad, and it’s not even that bad.  Fans of Nano 2.0’s and Nano U-Forms should be glad to know that they’re not getting rid of those anytime soon (I think).


Like all of the other Nano’s before the 4.0, these shoes were designed to be the definitive “CrossFit” shoe.  I have not found another shoe that I would wear and not have to worry what movements were in the WOD.  The Nano 4.0’s are no different, other than the fact that they’re probably the best Nano yet.  If you’re coming from any other shoe, put them on and feel invigorated.  The Nano 4.0’s are nothing short of confidence inspiring; they’re flexible enough to metcon, offer a solid enough platform to weightlift, and a tad bit more narrow that actually doesn’t feel bad as a running training shoe.  If you’re looking for your first pair of Nano’s, this is it.  If you’re coming from the long line of Nano’s, prepare yourself for the best yet.  Granted, a lot of the features here on the Nano 4.0 were available on the Nano 3.0, but the major difference is that these shoes actually FIT.  They fit the way that the Nano 2.0’s and U-Forms did before.  If you liked those models, you’ll love this model.  The exception would be those with really wide feet, but even then the difference between my size 9 and 9.5 Nano 4.0’s is really only width (and it’s not even by that much).  Both sizes fit a lot more similar to my Nano 2.0’s than my 3.0’s, which my foot is floating around in.

My sizing tips here would be to size them the exact same as you did your Nano 2.0’s and 3.0’s, chances are you’ll probably end up with something that works.  My 9.5’s work, but my 9’s work better.
UPDATE: Ran into a little issue regarding fitment of the Nano 4.0. I went ahead and ordered a pair of the Mint Athlete’s Select pack in size 9. When I got them and tried them on, they were noticeably smaller than my previous size 9 4.0’s. I don’t know which the ill manufactured product is but I have to take back my previous sizing recommendation and go with sizing like you would your Nano 3.0.


I guess the real question is should you feel the absolute need to upgrade?

$120 is the same as the Nano 3.0’s original price (you can get them for $100 now), the standard new release Nano price.  If you’re looking for the definitive fitness shoe, this is it.  Even if you don’t do CrossFit but you care about fitness, you should probably own a pair of Nano’s.  Are they worth the $20 over the older models, yes they are.  If you’re going to spend $100 on some shoes to exercise in, you might as well spend the extra bit to get the more durable, better fitting, and better performing shoes.  If you really, really liked the 3.0’s and they fit you perfectly, well then you might want to stock up on those since they’re a little bit less and really all the benefits stayed the same.  If you had a sizing issue with the 3.0’s, plop that money down and get yourself some 4.0’s.  You definitely won’t be disappointed either way.



  1. Great review. Just a quick question, the sizing you’re using is US 9 correct? I wear a US 9 running shoe which is a tad long, but good width for me. So, do you wear a size 9 in all your shoes or 9.5 generally?

    1. In Reebok I always wear size 9, aside from the Nano 3.0. I wear a 9.5 in Nike and a 9 in Chucks.

  2. Been training for almost 8 months and these are my first pair of Nano’s.

    I wear a size 9.5 in every sneaker I own but went with a half size up on these. It was a very minor difference but I know that when your feet begin to sweat they swell and the extra room will come in handy.

    I paid $94.99 with a 20% discount at a Reebok store near by.

  3. Hi, is there a possible way to take out the insoles and fit your own super feet insoles in the nano 4.0? i went to a store and tried US size 10 and it was slightly too big. Could i just tear the insoles that are glued on and replace it with super feet insoles? anyone tried tearing our the insoles? i did it on my nano 2.0.

  4. I had a pair of nano 2.0’s in a size 9. I ordered a pair of nano 3.0’s in a 9 too and had the problem of having my 2nd toe jam into the front of the shoe constantly. I thought it would get better as the shoe broke in. Sadly it didn’t. I went back to a pair of nano 2.0’s as my toes were constantly sore. I also tried a pair of nano 3.0 in a bigger size and I had the same issue. The only way I could stop my toes from getting jammed into the front of the shoe was by wearing super thick socks and lacing them up so tight that I could barely feel my toes.

    1. Nano 2.0s are still my favorite. I had some weird sizing issues with 4.0s and find myself back at 2.0s and 3.0s because my 2nd toe gets crushed too. I think it has to do with the harder material they use for the toecap too.

  5. Did the colours in real life live up to what you chose on the customise section of the website? Are they the same as on there or are they brighter/not the same? I want to customise my very first pair but unsure what the colours will turn out to be like.


    1. Hey Liz, the colors for me lived up to exactly what I was looking for and I would say for the most part they’re pretty accurate in real life compared to whats shown in pictures. WIth the exception of the “high viz green”, which in pictures looks like a pale yellow but in real life looks like highlighter yellow.

  6. Hi,
    I know I am late into the game, but I just bought two pairs of nano 4.0’s (size 10 and 10.5) and planning to return one of them. I am unsure as to how snug/tight the shoes should be though. The 10 fits snug but the end of my toe hits the front of the shoe when I do basic movements, while the 10.5 feels much roomier (a bit too much) and has about .75 inch of space between the toes and the end of the shoe. Can anyone give me advice as to which shoe I should stick with?

    1. Hey David, youre never too late to the game! Stick with the bigger size, after you get moving around your feet will swell up and itll be a lot more comfortable!

  7. Hi, I just bought online a pair of nano 4.0’s, im a little worry because i bought 8 size and i’m normally 8.5, but in all my reebok shoes i felt the 8.5 size a little big thats why i ask for 8 size in the nano 4.0, do you think i’ll have an issue size when i receive my nano 4.0? please help, thanks.

    1. I don’t think you’ll have a problem. Normal Reebok shoes tend to run a little on the large side, except their CrossFit shoes which tend to run a bit more true to size/smaller.

    1. I’m not sure, it was just whatever the custom color pink is called.

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