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DIY JigSaw “Drill” Massager

(I know its not a drill, I’m just saying that for those not savvy with tools) 1. WORX Reciprocating Saw 2. Reciprotools RCT-A10 Reciprocating Saw Adapter 3. Power bits 4. LAX Balls 5. RUBZ Ball Advertisements

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Denim for the athlete

There was an article published recently on the CrossFit Journal entitled “Fit for the Fittest”.  Said article took a few different (great) athletes from the SoCal region and had them go try on a bunch of different pairs of jeans.  The only problem about this article was that all the athletes were female!  What about […]

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Double Unders and You.

The double under: Two revolutions of a jump rope passing under you in a single jump. To some, double unders would be the most taboo movement in crossfit.  Some people get them their first day, some seasoned crossfit veterans still have trouble with them.  Double unders require speed, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance.  Notice how […]

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