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I’m Joel, a techie, a blogger, a CF-L1/Powerlifting, a coach, owner of CrossFit 805, an aspiring zombie hunter and just another guy that just all around loves Crossfit and and his toys.  Everything expressed here is just my own non-professional opinions on things.  I started this blog because, well, the Crossfit community needs more product reviews of shoes to barbells and everything in between.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

A little insight to how I do my reviews: Mainly, it’s just my own commentary; I write in the way that I would just be talking to you. I try to not stray away from “blog” format because well, this is a blog after all. Usually I’ll do my best to find the good in things, but that won’t keep me from telling you what I dislike and whether or not the product is worth the money. I understand that if you wanted to read technical specifications on things, you could probably just refer to the manufacturer’s description on it, so I’ll try not to bore you with all that and just let you know how it actually feels to use whatever I’m reviewing.

I buy all this stuff myself, so a little thanks goes a long way. 🙂

If you’d like me to review your product, please drop me a line! or in the “Talk to me” section!

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    1. I am, but I’m not big on using it, I like instagram more. @joelxfit for both accounts!

    1. Thanks a lot Matt! Big things are coming! I’m always up for suggestions too.

    1. I did a review of the Lifter Plus 2.0, and a little mini one on the originals. I expect the performance of the normal Lifter 2.0 to be very similar to the Plus. I probably wouldn’t do a review on them if I had to buy them full price, but all the reebok lifters have been great.

  1. Joel,

    I just want to thank you for your website. I am a huge crossfit fan too, and like you, I enjoy trying out all kinds of crossfit equipment. Creating a free website where you review crossfit equipment is an awesome idea. I’ve gotten a pair of grips and a Wright Equipment barbell based on your reviews. You deserve a giant thanks for your efforts. I sincerely appreciate what you do.

    If you’re curious, an interesting product is The Rotater, it’s designed for stretching the rotator cuff and is about $50. If you buy it, don’t get the strengthening band, it’s sort of useless. Another product I’d love to see a review of is the Chris Duffin Shoulderok bar. I didn’t write this with the intention of really asking or expecting you to review things that interest me though, I primarily just want to say THANKS JOEL. I tell all my crossfit friends about your website.

    Thank You,
    Paul Glass
    Wash, DC

  2. Joel,

    I’m a huge fan of your reviews! It never fails; if I am ever unsure of any gear/equipment I always check to see if you’ve written a review on it and 9/10 you’ve already have. You’ve influenced me to buy a set of diamond pro crumb bumpers, and I just wanted to ask, how have yours held up since your written review on them? Your response is appreciated!

    Thanks, Jaime.

    1. Hey Jaime! Thanks for reading, I’m glad someone does! I actually equipped my affiliate with Diamond Pro’s – so far I’ve had 1 25, a couple 15’s and a couple 10’s blow out. Otherwise most of them look like they did the day I got them.

  3. Hi Joel, I’m Carlos from Mexico, i like your videos and I would like to have your advise about buy the “Nobull Lifter”. Are those greats as lifters? or is only the expensive price for the hand made?

  4. Brilliant blog. Great for insight on purchasing products which aren’t necessarily cheap.
    Your manner and attention to detail is exceptional but what stands out is that you convey your findings based on actual use and not merely reading the manufacturers spec.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Joel, where is your Box located and what is the connection to Cambodia? I saw the flag in the background of your latest review! Thanks for what you do, your channel is great. Have a great day.

  6. Hi Joel – just FYI your youtube link in the about page is missing the colon “:” so doesn’t click through!

  7. Dear Joel,

    Good Day!

    I hope you’re doing well. I have a simple question and I am in a fix what to do what not to do so I thought to ask your opinion. I want to buy Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 and I have come across two articles and in a fix which one to chose as theer is a little bit of change ins hap and I don’t know if it will affect the workout. I am interested in the below-mentioned Reebok crossfit nano 8 .

    – Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave (CN1037)
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    Kindly give me your expert opinion so that I can buy either of them. Thank you in advance for giving me your opinion, I’ll grateful to you.

    Best regards,

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