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(Wow, has it really been almost a month since my last review?! Sorry guys, I just got caught up upgrading my home gym! Follow my IG for updates to that. As always, thanks for reading and being patient!)

Chalk abusers.

We all know that person that hits the chalk bucket and does the big thunderclap just like LeBron James.  No one likes that S***. Seriously. Stop.

Anyways now that we have that out of the way…

I’ve never much of a sweaty hand person. Growing up, I never really played many sports.  The closest thing I got to playing in any kind of league was the simulation modes on whatever sports video games I was playing at the time. I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I never really had to give up my controller.   My friends, they had sweaty hands.  I would eventually have to scrub all their grubbiness off of my other controller because their hands produced ungodly amounts of sweat.  Luckily for me, I still don’t sweat from my hands much, though I do sweat a lot more than I did.  I chalk up just to make sure I have the surest amount of grip on that bar/barbell as possible.  Even though my hands aren’t the sweatiest, I still have to reach for that chalk bucket pretty often to get another layer of it on my hands every few reps.  I would hate to have sweaty hands using normal chalk, imagine how much you’d be wasting.

America’s favorite finely cut up white powder.

Honestly, I never really thought there would be a difference in what chalk you used until I tried Primo Chalk.  All I have to do is dip my hand into the chalk, rub one hand on the other, and I’m good to go for almost double the amount of time than I would with normal chalk.  Man, putting your hand into this chalk feels like grabbing a piece of heaven.  It’s so finely cut up you’d swear it was some of Columbia’s finest (not that I’d know or anything), but it’s not, because it’s some of ‘Merica’s finest.  As chalk it works great, I won’t get too deep into the technical mumbo jumbo of how it conditions your hands or kills staph bacteria.  What I can tell you is that it really does work better than normal chalk as a drying agent that stays on and lasts longer.  Your hands also don’t get as raw doing anything from pull-ups to kettlebell swings.  One thing I have to add is that after using normal chalk, I get this filmy, sticky feeling on my hands and it drives me insane.  I hate grubby hands and have a fixation towards washing my hands often.  With Primo Chalk, I never get this feeling…in fact…my hands stay baby’s butt soft.

Makes you almost want to just sniff your screen.

Finally, the best part of Primo Chalk…it smells like mom’s cooking on a Sunday morning.  Just kidding, it smells like eucalyptus, but that’s great! I like that it smells kind of like vaporub.  Not that normal chalk makes your hands smell bad.  Maybe you just had stinky hands in the first place.  The one fatal downfall?  You might find yourself wasting chalk and time applying the chalk.  The package doesn’t allow for easy entry nor do your hands come out without shaking off a bit of chalk.  Dump it into a big container and you should be ready to handle that bar in no time after chalking up.

Sticks like hell to bars too.

4oz. of gym chalk is going to run you about 9 bucks on Amazon at the moment.  Whereas 6oz. of Primo Chalk goes for about $11 a pop off their website.  Though you have to order at least 4 packets if you’re going to go with this option (edit: They’re removing the minimum quantity, but it’s probably still in your best interest to just order the 1lb bucket).  So stock up.  You might as well pay that extra $2 for the good stuff.  If you think about it, that’s 4 tacos from Jack-in-the-box that you shouldn’t even be eating in the first place (I do).   The real question is, “Why would I pay for my own chalk when my gym provides it for me?”.  First off, thank your gym for providing your chalk and cleaning up your chalk messes; I’ve been to gyms where they don’t provide chalk and they make their members clean up their spots of chalk.  Secondly, it doesn’t hurt to have some chalk for that upcoming competition you were always talking about doing. At least after buying Primo Chalk you’ll know you’ll be prepared to grab on to things.  As for the WOD’s, well, that’s on you.  If they don’t, well then you know what to do.

Order your Primo Chalk right here.


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