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Rogue Fitness Matt Chan Barbell Review (Boneyard Bar)

The Rogue Chan Bar – I finally got my hands on one of the most popular barbells that Rogue makes, that I haven’t reviewed yet. The bulk of the barbells Rogue puts out nowadays are just a variations of the Ohio bar with coating differences. For the most part, they all use the same 190k […]

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King Kong Backpack II Review

To say that I have an affinity for backpacks is an understatement. Personally, I have a stockpile of backpacks; some for style, some for utility, and some just for the hell of it.  Whether it’s for gym, work, or play, everyone needs a nice backpack. Now, I get that most people aren’t as crazy about […]

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Review: Inov-8 F-Lite 250

Inov-8 has a long standing history of being a “functional fitness” shoe, without actually saying anything about being a functional fitness shoe.  When I first started fitnessing, there weren’t very  many options; Reebok, Inov-8 or Vibram. I owned a few pairs of Vibrams but I was on the tail end of my “barefoot” phase. Reebok […]

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