Review: Reebok Crossfit Nano Speed


I hate running.

I hate running in Nano’s.

Original Nano’s or 2.0’s; it doesn’t matter, they both suck balls to run in.  To their credit though, they’re not actually built specifically or solely for running.  Rather, they’re shoes that can accommodate all the movements in crossfit well enough to get by.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Nano’s.  The 2.0’s are quite possibly my most used and favorite shoes. They’re just not all that great to run in; which brings me to the new Crossfit Nano Speed’s.  Shoes designed to be running shoes, that can accommodate all the movements in crossfit well enough to get by.

Crossfit Nano Speed’s in Risk Blue.

From my understanding, this shoe is still supposed to cater to minimalist runners.  It’s got a 4mm drop; 12mm in the heel and 8mm in the forefoot.  Definitely not the 0mm drop that most of my minimalist shoes have.  They have a lot more cushioning and support as well. I don’t really get where Reebok is going with the minimal thing here, but hey, they say crossfit on ’em.  The front of the shoe is protected, not quite the “duraguard” found on the 2.0’s, but good enough so that it won’t make you bleed when you miss a double-under.  The upper is the same kind of nylon mesh found on 2.0’s, offering pretty good breath-ability and hopefully the same durability for rope climbs.  Jury is still out on whether or not these shoes will ACTUALLY hold up to rope climbs.  The soles aren’t the same as on the original two shoes, but I don’t think Reebok would design a crossfit shoe that would get chewed up by the rope.

Back of shoe and inner “rope guard”.

Initial impressions:

  • The midfoot is more narrow as opposed to the wider base found on the OG Nano’s and 2.0’s.
  • They’re cushioned to all hell.  Quite comfy actually.
  • Who the hell came up with this color scheme?
  • Pass on the air squat test.
Side Comparison: Original, Speed, 2.0

If the original two Nano’s were too narrow for you.  Stop reading, don’t buy these. The toe box is close to the same, but the midfoot to heel area is pretty tight.  I’ve got higher arches and it’s still a tad narrow.  Maybe the fact that I’m always in either Nano’s or minimal shoes all the time makes me feel that the foot bed is super cushioned, but it’s a welcome change.  These shoes are comfortable, my joints must be singing songs of praise when I wear them, that is if joints could sing.  I’ve only worn them through one full workout and WOD, and I didn’t have any problems doing everything from double-unders to lighter cleans and squats.  What about running you ask? Well, they do feel a lot less clunky than the original two Nano’s though.  I’m pretty good about pose running, but I can see the extra padding these shoes offer being beneficial for heel strikers.  Squatting feels good, or maybe I’m just good at squats; whatever the case may be, I didn’t have any forward inclination issues from the differential or the cushioning.

Top: Original, Speed, 2.0

When people ask me what shoes to buy for crossfit, I usually just tell them to get 2.0’s (that is, until I get my 3.0’s tomorrow).  The answer is subjective now.  If you’re not much of a runner or are looking for a more supportive ride, I’d probably get the Speeds.  If you are good about forefoot striking and/or are set on “minimal-er” shoes, get the 2.0’s.  If you want to be a hipster and want the most minimal shoes of the bunch with the best color combos, get the OG Nano’s.  All are great choices for crossfit, it just depends on what kind of athlete you are.


  1. Thanks for this review! I was just looking at these shoes but wasn’t sure how much of a hybrid they actually are. They sound like they’re just what I’m looking for.

    1. Awesome. Let me know what you think about them!

      1. Agreed. A little too narrow for my tastes…I just ended up selling them off. Been following your site for a while now, good stuff there!

  2. I’m attempting to buy a pair of these finally! 6 years late to the party, but for a Reebok CrossFit collector like myself, it’s nothing but another day in the gym.

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