2017 Black Friday Cyber Monday Fitness Sales Guide!


My favorite time of the year is here, not because I like Thanksgiving, but because I love shopping.  I’ve decided to compile a list of the best deals so that you don’t have to. This post will be updated regularly throughout Cyber Monday, so make sure you bookmark this page!

As always, please make sure you click through my links to make your purchases.  It doesn’t cost you any more, but it helps me out a ton!

Crossfit/Fitness Equipment:


Rogue currently has their Matte Black Friday sale going on. Things are popping up flash sale style, so make sure you follow their Twitter and Facebook for updates!
Every year they have deals on popular stuff, but also release specialty or brand new items (which are also on sale) for MBF. Hundo pricing means the more you buy, the more you save. And the $5 for 5 shipping means ANYTHING you get, as long as you buy 5 things total, ship for $5!

  • MATTE BLACK FRIDAY Cerakote Ohio and Bella bars are back.
  • Abram GHD 2.0 for $590.75!
  • TEK GREY AND WOODLAND CAMO Operator Bars!!! $375
  • Deals on Concept2 BikeErg, SkiErg and Rower packs!
  • Special MBF Fold away RML-3W is also showing up! $620
  • 1000lb HG Bumpers for roughly $1/lb, with FREE SHIPPING! $1075
  • 100lb MBF Strongman Sandbags $80
  • Assault Air Bikes for $700!!!
  • Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt $86.40! (this is a must if you don’t have one!)

Click here to shop Rogue Fitness


American Barbell’s Black Friday sale is currently going on. They just released their brand new Grizzly Power Bar for an introductory price of $250 shipped!

  • Free Shipping on ALL Olympic, Power and Technique Bars
  • Free Shipping on ALL Bumper Plate Sets
  • Closeout Wall Balls Only $50
  • Kettlebells 10% off
  • Flat Bench $125 / $175
  • Low Push Sled $125 / $199
  • Speed Sled $149 / $199
  • Technique Bundle Save 15%
  • Vertical Bar Storage $88 / $125
  • Urethane Gun rack $88 / $125
  • Black Resistance Tubes $69 /$99
  • Horizontal Bumper Storage $275 / $325
  • T-Grip Shorty Bar $115 /$ 139
  • Select T-Grip Bars on Sale
  • Select Speciality Bars on Sale
  • All Rack & Rig Equipment on Sale

Shop at American Barbell


Cyber Monday Lightning Deals every hour starting at 9am CT. The last deal will be at 5pm CT. Very limited quantities. BE READY!

  • 9AM – Steel Plate Sets
  • 10AM – Sandbag Trainers
  • 11AM – OFW Contrast Bumper Plates
  • 12PM – OFW Wonder Bars
  • 1PM – OFW Slam Ball Sets
  • 2PM – Steel Plates
  • 3PM – OFW Medicine Ball Sets
  • 4PM – Strength Bands Sets
  • 5PM – OFW Prowler

FringeSport’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is currently LIVE! Deals up to 50% all over the site! Almost everything is marked down! The biggest savings are found in the Bar/Bumper packs! As always, FREE SHIPPING!

  • OneFitWonder Bumper Plate Sets up to 25% off!
  • OneFitWonder V4 Med Balls 30% off!
  • OneFitWonder Slam Balls 30% off!
  • OneFitWonder Sleds 40% off!
  • Dumbbells 20% off!
  • Vaughn Competition plates for 30% off!
  • Wonder Bars 15% off!
  • Bomba Bars 10% off!
  • NEW Hybrid Bar 16% off!

WAAAAAAAY too much stuff to list here, just hit the jump and shop quick!

Shop at FringeSport


Klokov Equipment’s Black Friday sales start on Tuesday, November 21st!

  • Weightlifting Barbell is on sale for $550 ($150 off of retail)
  • Sport Barbell is on sale for $300 ($100 off of retail)

The Sport barbell is an absolute steal for that price, it’s an excellent barbell! Read the review HERE!

Shop Klokov Equipment!


Vulcan Strength has a tiered discount going on, the more you buy, the more you save! Locked in discounts also work towards the tiered discounts! Check out the pre-order on the new Absolute STAINLESS STEEL Power Bar!

• 7% ($0 to $1,000)
• 10% ($1,001 to $2,000)
• 12% ($2,001 to $3,000)
• 13% (3,001 to $4,000 + Free Shipping)
• 14% ($4,001 to $5,000 + Free Shipping)

• 15% (5,001 and up + Free Shipping)

10% Discount (Locked In)

  • · Absolute Training Kettlebells
  • · Pro Swiss/Football Bar

15 to 20 % Discount (Locked In):

  • · Black Bumper Plate Sets (340 lbs, 350 lbs, and 370 lbs)
  • · Black Bumper Plate Pairs (lbs)
  • · Colored Bumper Plate Sets (160 lbs, 230 lbs, 260 lbs, 340 lbs, 350 lbs, and 370 lbs)
  • · Colored Bumper Plate Pairs (lbs)
  • · Absolute Competition Kilogram Bumper Plate Sets (all)
  • · Absolute Competition Kilogram Bumper Plate Pairs
  • · Training Kilogram Bumper Plate Sets (all)
  • · Training Kilogram Bumper Plate Pairs
  • · V-Lock Rubber Change Plate Sets
  • · V-Lock Rubber Change Plate Pairs
  • · Slam Balls
  • · Dual Grip Strongman Log Bar
  • · Pro High Hex Trap Bar

20% to 30% Discount (Locked In):

Shop at Vulcan Strength


Lynx’s winter sale is currently active and they’ve got great deals on their fan favorite barbells!

  • Hybrid Bearing Bar – $189-199
  • Oly Bar – $275-285
  • Power Bar – $219

…and more! Check out the website for all the deals.

Shop at LYNX Barbell


GetRxd has their Black Friday sale currently going with great prices on their Xebex products including their brand new Ski Trainer

  • Xebex Air Bike – $599
  • Xebex Rower 3.0 – $639
  • BRAND NEW Xebex Ski Trainer – $688
  • GetRxd Stealth Bar – $170-180
  • WOD Bar 5.0 – $115-$153

Shop at GetRxd


Pound Pad is offering 15% off their pads, $336

Shop PoundPads here!


Onyx Straps is doing 25% off everything for Cyber Monday!

Use code: Cyber2017

Shop Onyx Straps!


Bear Komplex is running a deal for their belts! $35 gets you ANY of their belts!

FREE SHIPPING and FREE GIFT with every purchase!!!

  • Spend $50-$74 FREE BKX Socks,
  • $75-$99 FREE Protein Shaker,
  • $100-$149 FREE Hip Igniter,
  • $150+ FREE Speed Rope

Shop Bear Komplex


Again Faster currently has their Black Friday sales going on that include deals on their Evolution bar and bumpers. A 260lb crumb bumper set and barbell will set you back $600 with FREE shipping! Their slim gym is also on sale for $399 as well.

Shop at Again Faster


X Training Equipment has some great deals on bumper plates that include shipping!

Shop at XTraining Equipment


Momentum Gear will be offering 50% off their ropes for Black Friday. They already had some of the best performance per dollar speed ropes, now it’s just a steal. Get the Phenom rope!

Shop Momentum Gear


RX Smart Gear is offering 25% most items, EVO rope is not include in this sale, but you can get their limited edition Chronos rope with the discount!

Shop at Rx Smart Gear


Wright-Equipment currently has their Black Friday sales going on!

  • Ultimate Garage Gym Packages (slim gym, bar, bumpers) ranging from $1050-1600 with free shipping!
  • Bar and 260lb USA Made Crumb bumpers for $582
  • The brand new 3B USA made BEARING barbell for only $210!
  • CLOSEOUT KG bumper plate pairs!

Not quite sure my discount code is active yet, but use code “AMRAP” for additional savings.

Shop at Wright Equipment


RPM Training is offering 20% off sitewide with free shipping over $75 from Black Friday-Cyber Monday. You usually can’t find deals on RPM ropes so this one is perfect if you’re looking into jumping into the RPM ship! Check out the new heavy Scout rope!

Shop RPM Training


Eleiko has some great deals if you’re looking to lift in LB’s.

  • Discontinued Sport Training Bars – $500
  • XF Bars – $400
  • Powerlock KG Barbells and Collars – $700
  • Lots of new straps and belts are on sale as well!

Continue to the site for all the deals!

Shop at Eleiko


HOWMUCHYABENCH.net is offering 20% for their whole site for CYBER MONDAY too! Check out the STrong Sleeves or the Slingshot 2.0’s, those are two of my favorite sleeves out there.

Use code MB20

Shop How Much Ya Bench!


RepFitness’ Black Friday sales are currently going on, they’re offering the excellent Gladiator Bar for $208+shipping! Save up to 20% on other items as well. Check out their new competition plates which are selling for about 15% off, probably one of the best values in bumpers right now.

Shop at RepFitness


One of the best budget brands is having an additional 15% off their already really low prices for CYBER MONDAY. It’s all made in China, but these Rogue knock off’s are still some of the best performance to price ratio products you can possibly find. It’s hard to complain about some imperfections here and there given the price point.

Shop Titan Fitness!


Victory Grips is offering 20% off site wide from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, but hurry because a lot of sizes and colors are already sold out!

Use code: SHOP2017

Shop Victory Grips!


King Kong is doing 26% off their excellent backpacks, 20% off their duffel bags, and 28% off their new competition carry-on luggage. I’d recommend you go for that backpack ($130), it’s one of my favorite bags of all time!

Shop at King Kong Apparel


Hydro Flask is offering 25% off SITE WIDE from November 24th through December 3rd! Use offer code HYDRO-25 in-cart.

Shop Hydro Flask!


Compex currently has their pre-Black Friday sale going on right now with up to 50% off with a free gift and shipping. Many of their older, but still good models are discounted huge!

Use code COMPEXPM20

Click here to shop Compex!


Shop at Pure-Strength


Elivate Nutrition are doing 30% off your entire order for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Subscribe and save 10% and get a free PROBIOTIX an be entered to win 3 free months of PROFORM Whey Protein Isolate!
Code is: BFCM

Shop at Elivate Nutrition!


Gatorz is offering 25% off sitewide starting now until Cyber Monday with code: GATORZBF25

Shop Gatorz Eyewear!


Rage Fitness actually has a really good deal going on. All you have to do is spend over $100 and you’ll get 20% off of your order WITH FREE SHIPPING!

Check out their KG Competition plates which with the discount, are a really, really good deal. A FULL set up will only set you back $672! I also recommend their PRO bumpers as well, solid 10’s and thin 45’s make them an excellent choice.

Shop at Rage Fitness


Paleoethics has 40% off SITE WIDE using code FRIDAY40 or BROOKEENCE

Super Serum Protein XL down to $30! Shipping comes in at a pretty penny though for $10.

Shop at Paleoethics!

Fitness Apparel:

*AMRAP Exclusive!*

Inov-8 never runs deals on their site and wasn’t even going to run a Black Friday sale at all, but they’ve given me an exclusive deal to provide you guys!

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can get 30% off the Inov-8 195 Classics using code: 30LITE

Shop at Inov-8


Position USA is offering 20% off their shoes ($140 Blue Suede, $150 Redford/Eastwood), free shipping, free weightlifting straps and a free WOD Gear gift card!

ON TOP OF THAT – you can use my code “AMRAP” for another 10% off your order!

Shop at Position USA!


Strike is having their biggest sale ever on pretty much all remaining stock!

  • Chill Pill Mids – $64-78
  • Chill Pills – $63
  • Select Intervals – $29
  • Tanks – $12

They’ll also be clearing out whatever they have from Collection 5, but they’re almost sold out of that stuff already so don’t expect to see a lot of Transits!

Shop at Str/ke-Mvmnt!


The WOD Life or TWL Gear is having a MASSIVE 60% off site wide for all of CYBER MONDAY! Use code CYBER to save right now! Make sure you check out their awesome Flex shorts which are priced as low as $20!

Shop TWLGear!


Quite possibly my FAVORITE shorts – Flexion Gear is selling their Squatproof 2.0 Prolific shorts for 20% (and everything else), bringing the cost of the shorts to a bargain $36USD

Get these shorts, thank me later. Code is: BLACK

Shop Flexion Gear!


Kinetik is having 20% off their entire site and have just release their new “AMRAP” collection, which I’m fairly partial of!

Use code: HOLIDAY17


Exclusive products manufactured in collaboration with our partner brands.

  Pulling together the highest quality items and best selling styles while adding a unique design aesthetic to each collection. 

The PRIVATE STOCK Collections are extremely in extremely limited supply and when they are gone, they will not be re-stocked.  

Shop Kinetik Private Stock!


These ultra popular shorts are having a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE sale for Black Friday!

Currently having technical difficulties, but I’m sure if you place that order they’ll honor the 3rd one free!

Shop FLEO Shorts!


Hollowrock gear is doing 50% off of their site from Black Friday through Cyber Monday! Check out their Bandit shorts and Surge shorts, amazing quality and performance. Two of my favorites!

Use code: BF50

Shop Hollowrock Gear


Lulu added a bunch of new items to their “We Made Too Much” section for now. You’ll definitely find better deals if you want to brave the malls and outlets.

Shop at Lululemon


For Cyber Monday, 2POOD is blowing out their mystery boxes on the cheap! All of 2POOD’s stuff is awesome so you can’t really go wrong buying into any of these!

Shop 2Pood’s Store!


5.11 is doing 25% off their whole site! Check out their new HAVOK30 backpack, which I just got and has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of equipment!

No coupon necessary!

Shop 5.11 Tactical!


LALO Tactical is offering 40% off ALL footwear! If you’re looking for a good all terrain crosstraining shoe, definitely check out the Maximus Grinders ($72)! Otherwise, I heard LALO makes a great tactical boot as well!

Code is: F*CKYEAH!

Shop LALO Tactical!


Adidas is doing 30% off SITEWIDE, you can get Blackout Adipowers for $140! This is the lowest I’ve ever seen these!

Use code CYBER2017 (caps!)

Shop Adidas!


Reebok currently has their CYBER MONDAY sale going on with 40% off SITE WIDE! That means you can get LEGACY Lifters for a miniscule $120, making this the best deal in weightlifting shoes!

Use code CYBER

Shop at Reebok


The CrossFit Store is offering pretty much the same deal as Reebok.com, just on only CrossFit items. You can get the Speed TR 2.0 or Nano 2.0 for 50% off, among other things. I’d buy from Reebok.com if you can since they have the better return policy between the two.




Nike is launching the last AMP colorway of the Metcon 3, the Realtree Camo on the 24th. Expected to be priced at $130, this one is going to go quick.

Also, Nike has 25% off their clearance items with code “EPIC25”. You can find Metcon 3’s as low as $75 and Romaleos 3 as low as $113!

Shop at Nike


Rhone is offering 15% for orders under $250 and 25% off for orders over $250! Make sure you check out their excellent Commuter pants and their 7″ Mako shorts, two of my favorite things from Rhone! They’ve also got a few new pieces they’ve added into their arsenal with the Basecamp joggers and slim Commuters.

For Cyber Monday they’re also throwing in a pair of socks with each order!

Shop at Rhone Apparel


Road Runner Sports is running a Pre-Black Friday SALE starting today 11/22-11/23.  For two days only, Sign Up & Save 25% Site Wide + Free Shipping! Use offer code CYBERCHEER17 at checkout! Some exclusions apply, see site for details. 

Nike Metcon 3 RealTree Camo’s are down to $113!

Shop at Road Runner Sports!


One of my favorite brands, Myles Apparel is offering up to 25% most of their items.

  • Everyday and Momentum Shorts – $46
  • Everyday Henley – $46
  • Momentum T-Shirt – $38
  • Momentum Hat – $22

Don’t miss this great sale on some of the best stuff out there.

Shop at Myles Apparel


Olivers Apparel has got 20% off everything SITE WIDE for their Thank You sale. Make sure you cop a pair of their All Over Shorts, currently selling for only $54.

Shop Olivers Apparel!



NoBull never has any sales, but they will be releasing blackout versions of their surplus trainer and a high top version of that as well on Black Friday. Other new releases include a leather/gum trainer on Black Friday and brown leather lo-top and hi-top trainers on Cyber Monday!

Sold out of Black Leather and High Top Trainers.

Shop at NoBull


Box Basics is having 20% off SITE WIDE but there are exclusions (Nike, Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Saucony, Altra, Garmin and Fitbit -__-)

Use code STRONG

Shop at Box Basics!


WORKT, makers of my favorite knee sleeves are offering 25% off their site for Black Friday!


Shop at WORKT


Blitz Belts will be offering 17% off starting 6AM on Black Friday, lasting through Sunday! Code is: BBBF17

Click here to shop Blitz Belts! 


This Austrailian brand has got exceptional markdowns on a lot of their products. Remember all prices are in AUD, which actually makes things much less in USD! Spend over $200AUD and get an extra 10% off using code: BLACK FRIDAY

Make sure you check out their joggers and insurgent shorts! Top quality stuff at a really low price!

Shop at 21-15-Nine


BeastWorx just dropped a bunch of new stuff for Black Friday and is offering 25% off! The catch is that it doesn’t work on new shorts, but everything else is fair game!


Shop BeastWorx!


Hylete is having a few holiday sales, but the biggest deal they have is 40% off of their high quality backpacks. You can get the 40L for $120 and the 60L for $150! Huge savings on these amazing backpacks. No code necessary!

Shop at Hylete


Fran Denim is offering 25% off all normally priced items. Typically their jeans run for about $100, so you’re looking at around $75 depending on the style.

Code is: BFFD17

Shop at Fran Denim


Four Athletics is offering an additional 33% off anything that’s in-stock!


Shop Four Athletics!



  1. Regarding NOBULL. They just partnered with GovX this last week, and offer certain pairs at a discount to military/first responders. About $20-30 off.

  2. Hey Joel,

    Would you say the Klokov Sport bar is a tier above the AB Performance Trainer/Rogue Trainer? For a mid range option, I was originally looking to wait for a sale/closeout for the Vulcan Elite or one of the AB’s on sale.

    And lastly, for a beater bar, does the coating on any of the bars below stand out among each other?

    1. Rep Gladiator
    2. Lynx Hybrid Bearing
    3. X Training Elite Bearing
    4. Getrxd Stealth

    Thanks for the great content.

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    Saucony Crossfit Shoes says:

    Hey, this looks like really fun and great workout! I’ll make sure to show it to my wife, as I’m more into heavy gym myself but I ought to try this one too, just for the sake of having fun 😛

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    Rådgör med oss och få förslag till utformning, placering, antal, storlek och installation. Vi erbjuder detalj- eller helhetslösningar när det gäller utomhusskyltar, dekor, vepor samt inomhussystem. Elitneon arbetar rikstäckande. https://www.elitneon.se/

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