Utzy Naturals Essentially-U & U-Omega Review


If you hadn’t already noticed, I don’t do a ton of supplement reviews. Not because I don’t personally use them, but I feel like supplements are generally a YMMV kind of thing. What works for me, might not be guaranteed to work for you, and vice versa. While everyone’s needs are different at the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say that there are a few things that most people could benefit from – a multi-vitamin and omegas.

We all have the friend that will do whatever it takes to get their workout in, but slacks in the nutrition department. Hell, that might even be you. Whatever the case, the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is for the most part, true. Now I’m not saying that you’re going to get abs by taking a multi-vitamin, but chances are that person that’s slacking in the meal prep department is also not getting in their proper vitamins and minerals. I’m a big supporter of just eating real food to get your nutrients in, but even with the best meal prep, it’s hard to get the proper intake in.

Multi-vitamins are all over the place, but ones that are actually made from quality ingredients are far and few. Utzy Naturals is a brand from people that actually live the life driven to create a premium product. I’m not going to go through all the testing procedures acting like I know a thing about them, but it sounds to me there are some tight tolerances in perfecting the quality of their product. Essentially-U is what Utzy’s dubs their super premium multi-vitamin. For a full breakdown of the ingredients, check their site, but it not only includes vitamins, but also comes chock full of anti-oxidants, macro and trace minerals. It’s multi in quite literally, in order to get a full serving of it, you need to take 6 capsules. What I do is just split them up into 2’s that I take with meals throughout the day. You’d probably be best suited going for the 180 capsule container that will last you a month and auto subscribe to increase the savings.

Omegas are a different story – we actually need to get these from outside sources. Our bodies don’t naturally produce these, so we need to consume them, and yes, you need them. As much as I’d like to have a sushi driven diet, taking a few gel capsules is much more convenient and cheaper.  You also won’t have to deal with any fishy tastes, because these omegas have a lemon flavor to them. To be honest, I didn’t taste anything either way, but I have heard only females can actually taste fish oil and get the burps.  One capsule packed with 430mg of EPA and 290mg of DHA will keep you covered per day. I would go for the savings and get the 120 capsule bottle to keep you going for 3 months.

Back to the whole YMMV thing, I can’t tell you that these multi-vitamins and fish oil will make a difference you’ll actually feel. It’s probably placebo, but I feel better overall when I’m consistently taking fish oil. I’m somewhat spotty with multi-vitamins, but it couldn’t hurt you to take either of them. You’ll just have to try them and come up up with your own verdict. What I can tell you is that Utzy has what they call their empty bottle guarantee: Try it for a month to see if you like it and if you don’t, send it back for a full refund no questions asked. There are a few different ways to purchase, including an auto subscription plan in which you’ll receive a 10% discount. Granted, Utzy sells their products at a slight premium, but you can rest assured that you’re getting some of the best products in the industry.

You spend so much time in the gym and money on equipment, trying to better your health through fitness, so it’s not entirely crazy to invest in quality supplements that will benefit you. You probably spend $54 bucks a month on random stuff you don’t need anyways and if you can save $20 a month, that pays for the 180 count bottle of fish oil.



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