Barbell Pro Knee Sleeves (7mm)


If you just run a search on Amazon for knee sleeves, you’ll notice there are a TON of the same looking knee sleeves, all with just a different logo on them. Choices are great, but there’s something fishy about them all looking the exact same. My best guess is that everyones pretty much getting them made at the same Chinese factory, with their own logos on them.

One standout design are the Barbell Pro knee sleeves, which are grey and have a contrasting bottom with a design on it.  These sleeves win just based off of looks alone, they look better than even some of the big names. That’s not really what were here for though, are we? Functionality is the name of the game, and while the Barbell Pro knee sleeves look better, that doesn’t necessarily mean they work better than the other choices; and that’s not a bad thing.

For the most part, you wear knee sleeves for compression and stability, but also to just keep the knees warm.  Think of them as baby blankets for your knees. While the Barbell Pro knee sleeves don’t do anything different than most knee sleeves, they do a good job in everything that I mentioned previously. 7mm provides great compression for those of you that need a little bit of support for achy knees. They sport a neoprene construction with a fabric outer shell, but they dry fairly well and I haven’t had issues with them developing odors. Each sleeve is slightly contoured, more like the popular Rehband 7051 than the 7751’s, making extended wear comfortable enough.  I ordered a size large based off of their recommendations and it’s just slightly big on me (I wear a large in almost every other brand). Like many brands, the mid area around the patella tends to be the loose part and will end up bunching up, only a few brands don’t have this issue so this is mainly an issue on how knee sleeves are just made at the moment.

Looks are really where the Barbell Pro sleeves excel, but I think the logo is it’s biggest fault; it just looks outdated. I expect over time and washes for it to come off. Another thing about the sleeves are the stock pictures. I guess this doesn’t really have anything to do with the functionality of the product, but if you’re like me, you’ll be turned off to see the models with horrible form showcasing these knee sleeves.

All things considered, $50 for a good pair of knee sleeves isn’t a huge price to pay.  Durability of the product is yet to be determined, but I’ve used them almost every workout for the last month or so and they seem to be doing just fine. Amazon prime 2-day shipping is a plus and returns are easy if you don’t like the product. It’s getting harder and harder for me to recommend Rehbands with so many great choices of knee sleeves hitting the market. If you like the way the Barbell Pro knee sleeves look, definitely check them out.

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