First Impressions: Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0


Alright, I know you’re all dying to hear about what I have to say about the new Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0’s.  I’m going to hold off on doing an in-depth review of these shoes until I’ve gone through a few WOD’s with them though.  All I did today was walk around, do a few double unders and coach.  I’m pretty damn tired right now, so if my writing is lackluster…sorry.

Initial impressions:

    • Upon inserting my feet into these shoes, I was greeted with the feeling of familiarity.  If you’ve owned both of the original two Nano’s (not the Speeds), you’ll feel right at home.  I almost want to say that they feel like a mixture of the two.  The upper, plush like 2.0’s and the soles a tad bit more firm like the U-Form’s.  (Update: Much more padding than U-Form’s, similar padding to 2.0’s.  Don’t really feel that 4mm drop at all either.)
    • These things are attention grabbers.  Then again, they don’t come out for another week and I have them already.  I wasn’t so sure about the Grey/Orange color combo, but it looks great in person.  Wish they came with black laces though, probably going to swap some on.
Black or Grey laces?
  • Having not done a workout in them, I can’t really say how they perform…but like I said…They feel very similar to the past shoes.  More so like the 2.0’s as far as moving around in them goes.  The base feels wide and solid, unlike the more narrow Speeds.  I don’t think running in them is going to be any different than the first two Nano’s.  Possibly even worse, because these are slightly stiffer feeling at the toe box. The whole toe box area feels like hard plastic (it’s tough, I wouldn’t worry about smacking your toes during DU’s).  Maybe I just need to break them in.
  • My old Nano’s fit perfectly at sz. 9. These are sz. 9 as well, but feel a little smaller length wise.  My middle toes keep jamming into the front of the shoe.  Sizing up half a size though sounds like it would be too much though.
  • They feel a tad lighter? I need to go hold all the shoes up at the same time…but my first thought when I picked these up was that they were lighter.  (Update: 3.0=9.4oz, 2.0=9.2oz, U-Form=9.5oz, Speed=9.9oz)

That’s pretty much all I have on the shoes at the moment.  Like I said, I haven’t really done too much in them yet so I can’t give a fair assessment right now.  As I stated before, Nano 2.0’s are quite possibly my favorite shoes ever.  These are going to have to be all kinds of awesome to knock those off the pedestal, but they’re off to a pretty good start.  I just hope they get looser, my freaking toe is killing me.

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