2021 Crossfit & fitness Black Friday Cyber Monday Guide


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Gym Equipment

Rogue Fitness

This year, Rogue’s Matte Black Friday started a lot earlier in the form of Matte Black November. Despite the similar name scheme, it’s looking a little different than most years. The marquee 5 ships for $5 is NOT happening this year, likely due to the logistics issues going on right now. They are still doing $75 max shipping with the purchase of a power rack, so that is gonna be your best bet for subsidized shipping. Many “Hot Deals” are already up, but I suspect that they’re going to save some bigger ones for Black Friday weekend. If there’s something up there that you see and like, just pick it up now because the deal isn’t likely getting any better.

MBF Ohio Bars and Bella bars are up!

Here are some Rogue reviews to reference:

Rogue Fitness Bumper Comparison

Rogue Fitness Barbell Comparison

SML-2 Review


Tru-Grit Fitness

Tru-Grit is doing (11/18-11/26) BOGO Dumbbells as well as spend $1k get $100 gift card for BF!


Again Faster

Again faster has a wide assortment of products for sale at various prices – I recommend looking into their Sidekick Gym Timer if you needed a small garage timer. Their Team Barbell is also marked down quite a bit and would be a great choice for crossfit/oly training barbell that spins like crazy!

Look out for “Free Shipping” on most, but not all items. Bumpers aren’t included.

Team Barbell 2.0 Review


Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport is doing a lighting deal a day leading up to their Black Friday sale – these lightning deals are always better than the prices they actually have on BF. Keep an eye out as they’re likely to do a kit with wall balls and possibly their specialty bumper plates.

If you’re looking for normal bumper plates, there is no better than Fringe’s! When they go on sale, you’ll definitely want to get a set of them!

Everything is marked down for Black Friday! If you’re looking for barbells, I highly recommend you go with the Bomba bar set if you wanted aggressive knurling or the Wonderbar set if you wanted lighter knurling. Both are great all around barbells!

As always, Fringe’s shipping is fast and FREE.

Lightning Deals

  • Monday 11/22 – Garage Series Squat Pull-Up Rack – $232
  • Tuesday 11/23 – Adjustable FID Bench $321
  • Wednesday 11/24 – His and Hers Wall Balls $114
  • Thursday 11/25 – Savage Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport Savage Plate Review

Shop FringeSport

X-Training Equipment

The Elite Bearing Bar from XTE has always been one of my highest recommended barbells and despite some price increases, it still remains at the top of my list as quite possibly the perfect Crossfit or Olympic weightlifting barbells. I’ve hit multiple PR’s on this bar over the years and it’s a favorite by the people that go to my gym. I have used the Elite Comp bar and I think it’s an okay barbell, but I would spend the extra bit of money on the Bearing version because it’s just that much better.

Elite Bearing Bar Review


Wright Equipment

Wright Equipment “RACK” Friday starts on the 22nd at 5pm. They’ll be having an assortment of racks, marked down. Prices are as follows:

Lean Garage Rack Premium $              450.00
Lean Garage Rack   $              415.00
Lean Garage Rack PRM Blue (No Numbers) $              405.00
Lean Garage Rack Lite $              195.00

Prices for their economy plates will also be marked down but crumbs are already marked down to just over a buck/lb!

Wright Next-Gen bars are still going for the $225 shipped price (review)!


Griffin Fitness

Griffin Fitness is offering up to 30% off site-wide. Their racks are marked down to 10% off – that includes the GR3 Lite, half rack, squat rack and of course the flagship GR3 (my current rack!). I haven’t reviewed it only because I don’t have it set up at the moment only because I don’t have a garage to set it up at…but I love it!

Rack attachments are marked down 15%, bumpers/kettlebells are 10% off, and apparel is 30% off. I highly recommend the competition bumper plates if you’re in the market for comp plates. They’re identical to RepFitness’ comp plates, which I already reviewed and loved.

Griffin Adjustable Bench Review

Shop Griffin Fitness

Uesaka Barbell

Uesaka is offering 20% off their comp barbell and d-warrior plates! If I could only have a single barbell for the rest of my life, it would be my Uesaka competition bar! This is a presale for January/February shipping, but totally worth the wait

Quantities are limited, so make sure you get your order in soon!

Review on the Uesaka competition bar and D-warrior plates!

Shop Uesaka Barbell

Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness is offering $500 off the Assault Runner ELITE, $200 off the Assault Rower and $100 off the Assault Bike Pro.

If you’re on the fence between the Assault Runner Pro and Elite, I would recommend the Elite. It tracks distances much more accurately than the Pro and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the track. At only $500 more, it’ll be worth it to you to go for that.

Shop Assault Fitness

Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness’ Black Friday sale is already currently on, offering multiple discounts store-wide! If you’re in the market for a power rack with unlimited possibilities, look no further than the PR-5000 (even the PR-4000 is fine). Other great pickups from Rep are their competition bumper plates, which I reviewed and still think are the best value comp plates on the market.

This week is also bench week, so there are discounts on their AB-5100, FB-4000 and FB-3000. The FB-3000 is going to be enough for most people to get by with, but I would spring for the FB-4000 at the prices they’re selling them at right now. The AB-5100 is the “lowest” of their higher end benches, but still puts many other adjustable benches to shame. It’s just as sturdy as the AB-5000 and 5200, but it has a bigger gap between the pads. To be honest, it’s not that big of a difference in use and if you wanted a tank of an adjustable bench, go with the AB-5100.

UPDATE 11/23 – They added the AB-5000 to the sale! At $550, this thing is a bargain!

FB-3000 Review

Competition Plate Review

Gladiator Weightlifting/MX Barbell Review

Shop Rep Fitness

Vulcan Strength

Shop Vulcan Strength

Get Rxd

Shop Get Rxd

Freedom Fitness Equipment

You can check out all of Freedom Fitness Equipment’s deals here:

Shop Freedom Fitness Equipment

Apparel & Gear


Reebok early Black Friday access is already on right now – you can save 40% off site wide and 50% off of sale items. Nano X1 styles are marked down 25-40% depending on colorway, new Camo, Adventures, Froning x1’s and Pursuit colorways are included in the sale. New Nano X colorways are also included in the sale but you need to input the code BF40 to get 40% off of those.

If I absolutely needed to get a pair of Nano X1’s, it would be the Fronings, then Pursuits, then Adventures!

Don’t forget to download the Rakuten Cash Back plug-in for 15% cash back!!!

Nano X1 Pursuit Review

Froning X1 Review

Nano X1 Adventure Review

Shop Reebok Black Friday


Nike is offering 20% off their selection of Black Friday specific products. However, the selection of shoes is pretty bad, but they do have a pretty good amount of apparel to choose from.

Shop Nike


Legends is having a pretty massive sale of 30% off site wide! Things can go pretty quickly so make sure you get your orders in soon! My goto’s are: Luka HD or Relay shorts with liner, Hawthorne hoodie, Enzo t-shirts, Hawthorne joggers. For sizing, I wear medium in all of the bottoms. For the Enzo’s I wear a large and for the Hawthorne hoodie, I wear medium.


Shop Legends

WIT Fitness

WIT Fitness’ Black Friday deals are currently on right now – You can save up to 70% off on certain items throughout their site. For those of you waiting on a Metcon 7 deal, they have certain colorways marked down to $98! Also don’t sleep on the WIT Legacy Lifter 2’s.

Shop WIT Fitness

Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow is my current go-to for extremely comfortable, high end jeans. If you’re into working out, these are the jeans to get. For Black Friday these are their deals:

  • For Men – FREE gift of our new Men’s Underwear Line for over purchases of $75.
  • For Women – FREE gift of our Women’s Tee for purchases over purchases of $75. 
  • Duration: November 24th – November 29th.

You can try using my code – AMRAP10 for an additional 10% off your order!

Shop Mott & Bow

The WOD Life

For Cyber Monday – The WOD Life released their new neon collection!

Make sure you check out their FLEX shorts! They’re some of the best in the business.

Shop The WOD Life

Virus Intl

Shop Virus Intl


Shop Lululemon

Box Basics

Box Basics is doing 20% off SITE WIDE- This is your best chance to get Metcon 7’s at a discount!

Code BFCM21

Shop Box Basics

Born Primitive

Shop Born Primitive

York Athletics

Shop York Athletics

Bear Komplex


Shop Bear Komplex

Lifting Culture Apparel

Lifting Culture Apparel is including free joggers with the purchase of over $75! No code needed!

Shop Lifting Culture Apparel

Myles Apparel

Myles continues to be one of my favorite activewear brands because of their no nonsense look but highly technical materials. Easily the best deal they have going on is for their Elements jacket, which is a whopping 50% off! If you wanted a lightweight technical jacket to do just about everything in, I highly recommend that.

I’ve also always been a huge fan of their Everyday line-up. The Everyday shorts and t-shirt are some of the best do-it all pieces you can get!

The brand new Pacifica collection just dropped and is going for 50% off!

Shop Myles Apparel

RPM Training

RPM’s Beyond Friday sale is currently going on and you can get 20% off site-wide! And also a pretty massive 25% off their brand new ATOM home gym kit! It’s already a stellar deal at the prices they’re selling it at but a full kit for $1500 is pretty ridiculous!

If you’re looking at their speed ropes, I think the Session 4.0 is fine for most people, but if you get really sweaty then I would recommend going for the Comp 4.0, which has enhanced knurling (the cable doesn’t make much of a difference).

Session and Comp 4.0 Review

Shop RPM Training

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is doing the same “Cash for Class” promo as before, where if you spend over $50, you get a $20 off! Unlike previous years, this year it’s an immediate $20 off instead of waiting on a gift card. On top of that, all code work for NEW CUSTOMERS. The work around for that is that you just use a different email address and a different mailing address.

My 15% off code is: AMRAP

Shirt Review

Pro Line Review

Foundation Interval Session Review

Shop Ten Thousand

Olivers Apparel

Beginning Sunday, November 21 and running through Monday, November 29, you can getup to 30% off site-wide on their buy more, save more sale.

The tiered offer will allow folks who Buy More to Save More: 

  • 15% off orders $150+
  • 25% off orders $250+
  • 30% off orders $400+

A few selects that I highly recommend are the All Over Short and the Passage Pant. Those have been staples in my wardrobe for a couple of years now and I don’t plan on getting rid of them any time soon!

Shop Olivers Apparel


Fabletics is offering 70% off on VIP sign-ups! Order as much as you want for that first order then cancel as you please. If you keep the membership going, then it’s $50 a month and you can get two items per month. Not feeling anything? You can also skip months and bank your credits as you go.

I definitely recommend checking out the Franchise short or the fundamental shorts. For tops, the training day tops are going to be my picks.

Shop Fabletics


AirWaav is offering 25% off their mouthpiece for Black Friday. Although I think that the results are pretty varied and that it takes some getting used to, I think it’s a great training piece to have in your arsenal. If you were on the fence about getting one, there’s no better time than now!

On top of that, my code AMRAP works for another 10% off!

AirWaav Review

Shop AirWaav

The Best Holiday Gift of All Time for Crossfitters – The Fit Boxx

The Fit Boxx is including DOUBLE the amount of stuff per box with code DOUBLEUP.

The Fit Boxx

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