Rogue Fitness In Stock Equipment!


Rogue IWF Oly Bar

Dumbbells (oos) –

Rogue Individual Mats

Women’s B&R Bar (oos) –

Rogue Wall Balls (5/24) –

Folding Wall mount Rack (In-Stock 5/23) –

SML-2 Squat Stand (In-stock 5/23) –


Rogue Change Plates:

Pyrros Bar 20kg & 15kg (oos)

SML-1 Squat Stand (OOS) –

Ohio Bar –

Zinc (oos):


    1. Follow my IG, that’s where I update and then link through here

  1. I follow you on IG but didn’t see any post about the BikeERG and the Rowers on IG. Only saw info here but too late to lock down one of the rowers and bikeERG.

  2. Do you use Scrapy for this or just manually check everyday? If the former, any chance you have it on GitHub? Having some issues with RF’s API when .find for button attributes.

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