Under Armour Infinity/Rush Bra Review


Get your UA Bras here: http://tidd.ly/b7ad974c

***skip to 2:00 if you don’t wanna listen to me***

Sorry everyone, I know you’ve been dying to see my in a sports bra but I had to pass on this review because I think Niki was probably better suited to handle talking about this stuff. Speaking of which, welcome Nicole Brazier!(Of whom you might have seen reporting at the CrossFit Games nbd.) Shes going to be helping me out in giving a different perspective on gear and reviewing female specific items! To the best of my knowledge, this was her first review and I think she absolutely killed it. I know 100x more about bras than I did 7 minutes ago, so that’s definitely a good sign! If this review doesn’t speak to you, which I know it won’t to most of the guys following me, don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere. These collabs are just meant to incorporate a broader audience and won’t detract from the normally scheduled programming!

Under Armour Infinity & Rush Bra


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