Rogue Fitness Matte Black Fri…NOVEMBER!


It’s nearing that time again and instead of doing just a Matte Black Black Friday (or week like last year), Rogue Fitness is doing an ENTIRE MONTH of deals starting today. Sale goes from Nov. 1st to Dec. 1st. Since there’s quite a bit to go through, it’s hard to figure out what’s actually a pretty good deal and what’s just fodder. This guide is going to be your answer for all of that; I’ll be personally curating the best deals out and putting them into this guide.

Like normal, Rogue is having their 5 for $5 shipping deal but you have to make sure the item has the icon on the page for it. Sometimes it’s better off not using it and creating a separate order if the big item you’re ordering ships free already.

Hundo pricing also applies to bumper plates. Basically all it means is that if you buy more, you get a better discount.

I also expect there to be random “doorbuster” deals scattered throughout. Who knows if we’ll see another $50 barbell fiasco like last year but chances are, if they do it, it’ll be some kind of raffle style deal.



$185 Echo Bar – Cheap and works well. Honestly if you’re looking to stock of a gym, skip the Rogue bar, this is one of the best for the dollar. Cheers for bronze bushings.

$265 MBF Bella Bar – MBF exclusive colorway, not a deal just yet, but I’m sure it will be at some point ($50?)

$315 MBF Ohio Bar MBF Exclusive – This colorway is the staple MBF bar, hasn’t changed throughout the years. Expect this one to go for $50 for a random doorbuster.

$250 B&R Bar – The classic do it all kind of barbell, good for if you’re looking to dabble in everything but probably better suited for the power stuff. This has hit $195 in the past.

BONEYARD BARS – Pro-tip: Boneyards go on deep discounts during MBF, pay attention to this area for the best deals.

Gym Equipment:

$1350 HG Bumper Plates – Free shipping on this one! Good way to stock up on some economy bumpers that will last you! Still have to pay tax but most people are going to be around $1.5 per lb.

$155 Flat Utility Bench – This is the bench I personally use and unless you wanted a FID bench, this is one of the best.

$205 Echo Gym Timer Big clear display, tabata and interval functions. This is also what I use in my CrossFit affiliate and besides having to replace the remote, it’s been perfect.

$85-90 MBF Exclusive Strongman Sandbags– A few exclusive colorways of these sandbags are available for MBF. Two sizes available, 100lb and 150lb.

$1500 Rhino Belt Squat – There are probably cheaper belt squats out there, but nothing really matches Rogue’s manufacturing. Bundle this with smaller things to get it shipped for $5.

$750 Grey/Red Echo Bike You could also opt for the normal one at $25 cheaper, but this colorway is sick for the best assault style bike in the business.

$2600 Concept2 Erg Package – The best deal you’re going to get on new C2 gear. Comes out to about $867 per erg, which is a pretty good deal considering you’re getting about $100 off each.

Rack & Rigs:

$395 SML-2C GOLD MBF Exclusive –  The goldilocks of squat/pull-up stands. Sturdy as all hell and will fit in most peoples garages. I’d recommend getting some sandbags to weigh the base down if you plan to kip.

$395 SML-2 – If you missed the above, this is the same deal for the normal black one.

$765 RML-390C Power Rack – This one has been up since before MBF, but is still the best deal if you’re looking for a power rack to do it all. I’d spend the $20 extra to get the 30″ depth rack.

$625 R-3 – The original do it all power rack. I would spend the extra for the RML-390 due to the more bolt together design but if you don’t care, this is still a good deal.

$320 SML-1 – The best squat rack I’ve ever owned. If you’re looking for a stand alone squat rack without pull-up bar, this is the one. It’s sturdy as all hell.

$425 SML-3 – If you wanted the a pull-up bar option with your squat rack, this is great. Unfortunately it’s height won’t fit most garage’s so keep that in mind or make sure you measure your ceiling height.

$425 RML-3W Folding Rack This is going to be the one for if you’reT looking to keep your garage functional but still have a rack set-up inside. If you plan on kipping big, you’ll probably need to opt for 42″ depth.


$45 Barbell Carry Bag– Just launched for MBF, this looks identical to the bag that was included with the P-40 Bar. A MUST if you transport your bars often!

$60 Barrel Bag – MBF Exclusive! This bag looks pretty sick, never used it before but I’ve used other Rogue bags and they’re made really well. 1000D Cordura means it should be weather resistant for the most part but the tricot outer pocket should vent stinky stuff well.

$89.99 Ohio Lifting Belt – This workhorse of belts is still one of my favorites of all time. 10mm thick with a 4″ width means it’s good for a variety of uses. I personally wear a large in this belt and I’m 5’9″ 175lbs.

$37.5 Rogue Gun Rack – For the price, this is a nice rack sans the plastic, which costs more than a rack itself. Make sure to protect your knurling, you’re mounting these far enough apart that the sleeves rest on them.

$13 SR-1L Speed Rope – If you’re looking for a new rope, this is a MUST BUY. Half off price, still uses the same bearings as some of Rogue’s more expensive handles. This is the best speed you’re going to get for the money! The page isn’t showing the sale price but when you add to cart it’ll be there.

Ohio Lifting Belt This one is still probably my favorite belt for powerlifting movements. There are more supportive belts, but this one hasn’t let me down, looks great, is built well and for the hot deal price, is a bargain.

$40 Black Ops 6″ Shorts – I think these shorts are absolutely fantastic, for this price. IMO, they aren’t worth $50, but for $40 they’re a must have if you wanted a shorter training short.

$35 SR-2S – Near identical performance as the SR-343, but at a fraction of the cost. If you didn’t like the SR-1 because the handles were slippery, the SR-2 should be your go-to. I do recommend getting a bare cable to go with these handles, but the normal cable isn’t awful either.

$400 Theragun G3 Pro – The best percussive massager in the business for $200 off! This is the one to buy if you’re looking for a highly effective massager!

$400 Hypervolt Plus – If you wanted something that was almost as effective but a lot quieter, the Hypervolt Plus is the way to go!