Xero Shoes Prio Review


Barefoot shoes used to be my bread and butter before I started doing CrossFit. The Xero Shoes Prio remind me of why I liked them so much – they work well without getting in the way or feeling obtrusive. The shoes we use in functional fitness are all minimal, but there aren’t too many true barefoot shoes, though our training usually goes hand in hand with them.


  • Extremely lightweight and flexible!
  • Great build quality and materials.
  • Traction is excellent.
  • Easy to wear with a lot of width for your toes to splay.
  • Excellent ground feel without being extremely harsh on your feet.


  • They look like barefoot shoes.
  • Stability is limited to the strength of your foot.
  • Might take a little bit for your feet to get used to them.

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