Skechers Go-Train Viper Review


While Skechers isn’t normally a brand that you’d expect to see in the functional fitness world, that doesn’t mean they can’t make a great shoe for it. A couple years ago, I reviewed the Go-Train Endurance and I thought it was a halfway decent attempt at a training shoe. Without much warning, Skechers dropped another shoe for functional fitness, but this time it does better at both the eye-test and in functionality.

The Go-Train Viper has a lot of things going for it and honestly, I really enjoy wearing these to workout in. They’re a marriage of comfort and stability; I think those with especially wide feet will love these shoes. Really, the only fault that I can find with them is that I think they’re priced slightly too high (MSRP $90). Not that I don’t think the shoes are worth the cost, it’s just they’re treading in territory where you can get a more “reputable” brand for around the same cost.

If you can get past wearing the brand, the Skechers Go-Train Viper’s are one of the better training shoes that I’ve reviewed lately.


  • Goga mat insole cushioning is very comfortable without sacrificing stability.
  • Looks pretty good, safe, but good.
  • Generously wide fit without feeling sloppy.
  • Rubber outsole provides great grip.
  • Surprisingly good build quality despite having materials that don’t feel that nice.


  • Burrito tongue isn’t my thing, but isn’t terrible.
  • Materials don’t feel that great.
  • Priced a little too close to the best in class shoes.

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