Inov-8 F-lite 230 Review


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Inov-8’s F-Lite line-up have always been some of my favorite shoes. While they’ve lost some popularity since some of the bigger brands brought out shoes, Inov-8 still has a cult following.
The rebirth of the 230’s are combine what made the originals great training shoes with some new features to (hopefully) increase the durability of the shoe. The new models also sports the Graphene outsole material which first debuted on the 290’s; which I loved.

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  1. This was an awesome super helpful review. Thank you!

    I’ve had F-lite 220s for 6(!) years now and only recently they have started to break so I need some new shoes. I had a pause from running for two years (meanwhile they seemed to break) but been picking it up again lately.

    The 220’s have been working at the gym too, sometimes light hiking, even squash once or twice for emergency backup.

    Just love the feel and qualities of 220s and 230s sound very similar in that sense.

    In terms of flexible use, minimalistic feel and overall similar qualities to F-lites (195, 220, 230, etc) – which shoes do you see compete in the same category or are these one of their kind?

    Cheers and keep up the excellent work!

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