New REEBOK NANO 8’s Changes!


Like the Nano 7 and 7 Weave, Reebok has decided to drop a mid-season update to the already amazing Nano 8. It feels like the shoe just came out, but it’s already been half a year since the best training shoes money can buy, dropped! Unlike the 7 to 7 weave, the differences this time are marginal – which is understandable because the 8’s were already insanely good to start with. If you just grabbed a pair of the original 8’s, don’t fret, while there are some changes, they aren’t MAJOR and your original 8’s are still great. If you’ve already destroyed your OG 8’s or you just like the way the new ones look, they’re definitely worth a look because IMO, they’re better!

What’s the same?

The outsole, midsole, TPU heel counter, laces, and bootie system found on the original Nano 8 all make their return in the same exact form. That’s right, most of the shoe is the EXACT same as the original model. Which is fine, because all of it was damned good in the first place.

It’s based off the same exact last as the original model’s, don’t expect huge differences in fit, but they are wider. Drop still remains at 4mm.

What’s so different?

I know what a lot of you out there are thinking, “What could Reebok possibly do to improve on the Nano 8?”. Honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot, so the main reasoning for the update was to just freshen up the aesthetic of the shoe and try to make it a little more wearable. Aside from the looks, there are some differences in fit and functionality, though very minor.

  • The toebox is a little bit wider and more open. I already thought the original 8’s were really wide, but the new ones have even a little bit more space. I think the change to the Flexweave pattern just opened up the front. I personally embrace the space so I’m happy for this.
  • The updated Flexweave is also better engineered and more flexible. How they managed to make the Flexweave more flexible is beyond me, but it is! You’ll notice the difference mainly in that the creases around the metatarsal joints aren’t as prominent allowing your foot to move more naturally in every direction.
  • Back to that engineering, the shoe has a more stretchy upper giving it a more comfortable socklike feel over the already really comfortable 8’s. These are THE most comfortable training shoe there is.
  • It feels like the upper is thinner and lighter – at least to me. When I measured the weight of the shoes, they came out to the exact same as the original 8’s, but they feel lighter!

Why should you buy (upgrade to) them?

If you just bought your Nano 8’s, don’t fret…the differences between that shoe and the new model are incremental. Still, I think the new models are definitely better overall (if you like the colorways) than the original 8’s. They’ve got better flexibility, comfort, and I personally prefer the newer aesthetic. Granted, I’m not crazy for all of the launch colorways. If you like any of them, that’s good enough reason to cop another pair. If you don’t stick with the OG 8’s, which I’m sure Reebok isn’t getting rid of anytime soon!

I’ll be updating my review of the 8’s with the new model, but honestly don’t expect me to change my stance on the shoe. In my mind, there’s just no better shoe for training than the Nano 8 and there is no better time than now to get your pair!

Short video outlining some of the differences between the old and updated Nano 8’s.

Get your NEW NANO 8’s HERE! (6/15)

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