Position USA Eastwood UPDATE Review!


Though overall, I liked the Position USA Blue Suede Shoes, there were a bunch of little annoyances I had with them. Position fixed most of these things inthe Eastwood/Redfords and while they’re still not perfect, they’re some of my favorite shoes to lift in.

Are they technically the best? No. They’re shoes with a little more character than most and they’re still great performers.

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  1. I have the blue suede shoes. No complaints of hot spots. Looking at your posted sizings, I think you wear your WL shoes very tightly, which explains hot spots. The blue suede shoes do get marked up on the heels easily though, and the white leather on the inside ankle area scuffs easily. Great to lift in though.

    1. That would be so only if the Eastwoods didn’t fit me perfectly, which they do.

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