MB Slingshot 2.0 & STrong Knee Sleeves Review

Continuing the search for the perfect set of knee sleeve finally led me to try out the new Slingshot 2.0 and STrong knee sleeves. Designed by the meathead millionaire himself, Mark Bell, these knee sleeves are the business.

The STrong knee sleeves provide an insane amount of compression and are geared more towards dedicated powerlifters needing a competition style sleeve. You could use them for CrossFit and weightlifting but since they’re so stiff, they detract from mobility or they’ll end up choking your legs out during a WOD. That’s exactly what the Slingshot 2.0’s are for though. They’re one of the best sets of all around knee sleeves, offering great support, compression and comfort all while retaining the mobility you need to get through a WOD. Something I’m coming to notice is a plain tapered shape tends to fit around the knee better and not slip or become loose in the patella region. That being said, the shape of both of these sleeves end up fitting excellent with no issues of slippage.

If you’re looking for a great all around sleeve, definitely check out the Slingshot 2.0’s. If you need a serious competition sleeve because you don’t like wraps, check out the STrong sleeves.




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