Rogue Fitness BOA Bar Clamp Review


Oly Bars? Check.

Axel Bars? Check.

Swiss Bars? Check.

Safety Squat Bars? Check.

The SetWear Fitness BOA bar clamps bring a refreshing new design into a tired gear segment. Made out of a durable plastic with with the assistance of the BOA dial system, Setwear’s clamps are made to fit any bar that has close to a 2″ diameter.  It stays on extremely well during work outs, given you make sure that it’s put on flush with the plates. Almost too good, for those workouts where you have weight changes.

They’re pricey at the $75 mark, but when you consider the fact they work on all barbells and they have a LIFETIME warranty, it’s probably worth it since you won’t have to buy another set, ever.

Get your Rogue BOA Clamps here!



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