Viter Energy Mint Review


I have a problem: I’m a caffeine addict.
Like super irritable, grouchy, and just overall unpleasant when I don’t have it. Like all drug withdrawals, I get crazy headaches when I’m deprived. Sounds pretty intense, right? Because it is.

Earlier in the year I took a trip to Japan, first time overseas and first time experiencing a half day’s worth of jet lag. I thought I would be fine, but nope, it’s as bad as everyone says it is. If you haven’t been, Japan is one of the most awesomest places in the world that anyone could ever go to; I wasn’t going to let jet lag ruin my trip. I was on the go whole trip I knew the only way that I would survive is if I had caffeine – lots of it. Before I took off, the good folks over at Viter sent me a tin of their mints to try out, what perfect timing. You couldn’t ask for a better scenario to try out mints laced with caffeine!

The target audience of Viter mints are the people that are the go and don’t necessarily have the time to stop to grab a cup of joe. Each mint contains 40mg of caffeine, which is roughly half the amount a cup of coffee or Red Bull has. With the caffeine comes a B vitamin complex that supports cellular energy production. Not only do they pick you up, they’ll also unstank your breath; perfect for that date after a long days work. They’re also perfect for those WOD’s where you need a little bit of energy, but don’t want your heart rate to go through the roof from pre-workout. Not to mention they’ll keep you breathing better!

The actual mint itself look a lot like IceBreakers, roughly the same size and taste as well. Though the site says the mints are strong, I actually don’t find them to be that way at all. Maybe I’m just imagining Altoids (I had a huge phase), but I could use a little more flavor. They still taste good either way but I can only speak for the Wintergreen flavor which I think taste just like IceBreakers. For $5, you get only 20 mints per tin; which I find kind of a bummer because I would literally be eating them like candy if they were more plentiful. They’re also IIFYM, RP, paleo (kinda?), zone, keto friendly because they’re sugar and calorie free!

40mg of caffeine should suffice most people, but personally I could use more per mint; I get that I have an extreme case of caffeine dependency though. Hopefully we’ll see an extra strong version in the future!

Needless to say, I survived and had a lot of fun in Japan. Not saying Viter mints had a direct role in that, because there was definitely a ton of coffee involved, but they definitely made some of the (tons of) hikes and times I didn’t have access to coffee shops a lot more manageable. I say just buy em in bulk and have a secret stash wherever you go, you fiend.

Wait, that’s me.

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