Review: Rokform Sport v3 Case for iPhone 6 Plus


My two favorite things in the world: technology and fitness Sometimes in that order, not necessarily though.

Both are things that I know I could not live without.  I’m always on a computer, or my cell phone; either way, I’m connected to the web.  The other part of my day, I spend inside the gym.  Any other time is spent eating or driving between the gym and home.  The addition of cameras to phones was the best thing since sliced bread (who eats sliced bread?); how else would you catch impromptu paparazzi shots of the Biebs? “The best camera is the camera that you have with you”, and since we always have our smartphones with us, that must be it.

Gym “swolfies” are kind of a big deal nowadays, not only are they great for getting followers Instagram, they really can help you with your technique.  I know there aren’t very many boxes that have mirrors on the walls, so you don’t really have a chance to see how you’re moving.  Yes, that’s what a coach is for, but I like to model my movements after what I can see.  But, what happens when you can’t find anyone to record you?  Rokform has you covered (literally), with it’s new magnetic Sport V3 case for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and other manufacturers.

Sporting a dual layered polycarbonate design, the Rokform Sport v3 case is the definition of functional.  Not only will it protect your phone from bumps and falls, it’s got an interchangeable backing plate that can house anything from a (default) magnet to a bottle opener.  So, back to what you should do when you don’t have anyone to record you.  Don’t panic, with the Rokform case you can easily stick your phone up to the rig or any other magnetic surfaces rendering people, mostly useless.  If your phone so happens to slip off, don’t worry the protective properties of the case will hopefully ensure your phone survives that fall (your gym has rubber flooring, does it not?).  Don’t worry, in my testing, I noticed that it’s actually pretty hard to pull this case off of things.  It also randomly gets stuck to things I place it on not even thinking they’re magnetic.

Inside the box, you also get an accessory magnet that you can use to stick to any surface that you want to make an iPhone holder out of.  As well as an interchangeable plate to attach other accessories onto, and a lanyard you can use to make sure your iPhone doesn’t get swiped out of your hand when you’re at the club or rave while you’re recording Kaskade.

I have an iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s a big phone.  Adding the Sport V3 case just adds on to the bulkiness of the phone, as would adding any case.  If you already had to use the phone two handed, no big deal, you’re still going to have to.  At least the profiles of the case is still slim.  It’s also textured with silicon grip areas so that your phone doesn’t go magically flying out of your hand.  Another thing that the case adds is a good amount of heft, but you work out so that shouldn’t be a big deal.  Another issue that I have with the case is that when you post it up on a rig, don’t expect it to hold horizontally.  The magnet is situated towards the top of the case so the bottom will always rotate down, at least on the iPhone 6 Plus.  This is fine if you’re using the front facing camera, but with the rear camera, the rig will slightly be in the frame depending on the thickness of the uprights.

At about forty to fifty bucks, the Rokform Sport V3 case isn’t much more expensive than your standard Otterbox, and provides the same ample protection, with the added functionality.  Personally, I think the case looks pretty cool and it also comes in a variety of colors ranging from hazard orange, to standard black.  Accessories run from $30 up and include bike mounts to bottle openers.  If you’ve got an iPhone, need a case, and loves you some Instagram, the Rokform Sport V3 case should be a no-brainer.

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