Review: King Kong Apparel Giant Killer


The best things come in small packages.

The old saying that I live my life by.  Though not always true, can be applied to most things and works out well.  In this case, the latter.  Personally, I’m a fan of giant gym bags because I like to throw everything I own in them, just in case.  I understand that not all people feel the same way, not everyone wants to carry around a huge gym bag; calling out you minimalists.  Crossfitters can go either way with this.  We all have friends that carry their lives around in a gym bag and others that almost bring nothing to the gym.  For both parties, I present the King Kong Apparel Giant Killer.

The Giant Killer is combines a compact and minimalistic aspects, yet remains almost impossible to fill up unless you bring the most bulkiest of items with you.  You might run into issues if you plan on carrying around more than one 5lb tub of protein, but growingly popular ziplock bags are should fit just fine.  The Giant Killer takes the same high quality 1000D water resistant nylon construction found on the King Kong 3.0 and doubles it for an extra layer of protection for your valuables.  Two pockets located on the front and each side attenuate from having a packed main compartment.  These pockets are deep and wide enough to hold just about anything you could take to the gym without having worry of anything falling out accidentally.  Inside the main compartment you’ll find another pocket, with another zippered pocket on that pocket.  A king kong sized shoulder pad on the extra wide shoulder strap makes carrying the Giant Killer extremely comfortable, no matter what position it’s in.  This is definitely not your average messenger bag.

During my testing, I mainly used the bag for weekend trips and could pretty much live a whole weekend and more out of this bag.  My normal go to is a Herschel Little America, which holds things just fine for me, but ends up feeling more stuffed than the Giant Killer ever did.  My only suggestion would have been make the interior pocket large enough to hold something like a laptop.  The dashingly good looks of my charcoal Giant Killer would translate very well into the corporate world and I would have no qualms bringing it to the office with me; that is, if I had an office anymore.  Really, it’s not a huge complaint since you’ll have no trouble fitting a few laptops in the generously spacious main compartment.  The front flap stays on by way of velcro and does it well, but I couldn’t help thinking a buckle would give a little extra security at the expense of convenience.

Going back to who this bag would appeal to; for most people, I would advise the King Kong Bag 3.0 for its all around greatness.  For those that like to keep their life a little more streamlined, the Giant Killer.  Both bags are excellent in both construction and features, but a duffel is obviously going to hold more but be more obtrusive.  The Giant Killer is a take anywhere, comfortable, and great looking alternative to your (not-so) average duffel or backpack.

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