Review: Revletics Carbon Fiber Speed Rope


Lately, it’s been pretty hard to impress me when it comes to new speed rope design.  With the amount of grown in functional fitness, comes the growth of generic, re-labled, crappy equipment.  I’ve pretty much got it down when it comes to sourcing where most things come from; especially jump ropes.  Once in a while though, I’ll come across something that piques my interest.  The Revletics speed rope is one of those products, for having carbon fiber handles and aircraft grade parts.

At first glance, the Revletics speed rope’s design looks somewhat basic with it’s cylindrical shaped handles, as most speed ropes on the market have.  I like the silhouette and the diameter fits in the hand comfortably without ever becoming too much to hold on to, even when you’re deep into a workout.  For those of you unfamiliar with carbon fiber, it’s known for it’s lightweight yet strong properties. The handles are actual carbon fiber, not just some cheap overlay, and they’re incredibly light which saves the forearms for a few more reps.

The “spinner”, what keeps the rope in motion is made from aircraft grade anodized aluminum.  It rotates smooth, quickly and should definitely be fast enough for most people out there.  I’d put it on par with some of the higher end ropes on the market.  You’re going to get a choice of one of two cables.  In my testing, I actually preferred the thicker cable, which is still plenty fast to bang out 120 double unders in a minute.  The reason is because it tends to retain it’s shape a little bit better in the air than the thinner one does.  If you’re looking for an absolute speed demon, you’d probably want to stick with the thin cable, but make sure you uncoil it well before use.

Adjusting the Revletics speed rope is as easy as could be.  Just untighten the set screw at the top of the spinner with the supplied allen wrench, slide the cable through the spinner, tighten and call it a day.  One of the more painless methods in the world of today’s speed ropes.  One of my favorite features about the rope isn’t even really part of it, but it’s the little twisty tie thing they include to keep your rope from uncoiling in your bag…AWESOME!

All in all, I really like the Revletics speed rope.  Is it the fastest rope? Probably not.  Is it the most durable?  That’s to be determined because I’m sure a bumper plate falling on the handle would sure enough shatter the carbon fiber.  It also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, coming in at around $40.  Oh, and it’s customizable which is always a plus!  Revletics offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their product.  If you’re in the market for something that performs well, is affordable and will set you apart, check out this speed rope.

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