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Being injured sucks. Almost 3 months ago now, I crashed and burned on a power clean and destroyed my wrist.  I haven’t been able to press anything since, and it still hurts.  I guess there’s a silver lining to this injury.  Not having use of  a hand means that I got to work on my endurance (still sucks) a little bit more.  I think I’ve done more running in the past 3 months than I’ve done in the past 3 years of my life.  No joke.  If you read my last blog post, you’d know that I had been experimenting with other Nike training shoes.  Well, I found another little gem of a shoe I’ve found along the way in my quest to find the perfect balance of a running/training shoe.  They’re called the Interval from the Canadian company, Strike Movement, and unlike the Nike’s, they’re freaking awesome.

Interval 1’s in Shadow Grey and Interval 2’s in Tropical Black


Visually, the Intervals look like spruced up Vans.  The combination of aesthetic design and functionality are what separate the Intervals apart from the rest of the training shoe pack.  Ever wear your Nano’s out on a night on the town? Probably not, unless you like that dad in running shoes with jeans look.  With the exception of CrossFit events, you should not do this.  For the love of god, please don’t do this.  I can’t say the same about the Intervals; I’ve actually worn these out to bars without thinking twice.  They look great paired with some high quality selvedge denim or dressed down with non training shorts.  What sets them apart is the ability to blend in “normal” life, and to stand out during training sessions.


In Nike’s defense, the Intervals are not even close to the same shoe ideology.  In practice, the Interval’s most closely resemble Nano’s with a little more arch support or New Balance Minimus MX20 with a wider forefoot.  These shoes are lightweight, really lightweight, they even challenge Inov-8’s.  While not a zero drop shoe, the 3.9mm drop feels natural and comfortable.  If you’re used to Nano’s, these shoes will be instantly comfortable to you.  The only real lifting I’ve done with these shoes were squats and deadlifts, and they performed just as good as every other great minimal shoe.  There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo on Strike Movement’s website, but all you need to know is that the Interval’s are great running shoes.  Strike Movement claims they promote a mid-forefoot strike; put them on and you’ll notice yourself being constantly propelled forward.  Maybe they accentuate my running style, but for me these shoes feel great during anything from sprints to miles.

Let’s talk about this “Pleasure Pocket”, why the hell hasn’t anyone come up with this any sooner?  It’s a pocket on the front of the tongue that you stuff your excess laces into!  Sounds simple enough but it works like a freaking charm.  Ever been in the middle of double-unders and have your shoe laces come untied?  There goes your PR, sucker.  Don’t be a sucker, just stuff your laces into the Interval’s Pleasure Pocket and do double-unders worry free.  Note, these shoes aren’t going to magically make you string double-unders any better, so keep practicing.

This review is a general review for both the Interval 1 and 2 models.  It’s worth noting that while there are differences between the two shoes, they’re more like upgrades rather than two completely different shoes.  The differences to me are like how the Nano 2.0 evolved from the U-Form.  The newer models feel a little bit more full, but hardly so; to me they feel 95% the same.  Listen to the sizing guide on Strike Movement’s website. Order the shoes in the same size you would order Chuck’s.  I got a 9 and they were snug at first, but eventually opened up and fit perfectly now.

Balanced duromomometers.

Durability wise, the Intervals seem to be around where Inov-8’s are;  I wouldn’t trust these on any rope climbs other than legless ones.  My shadow grey pair do look a little more beat up than I would like, but that’s probably due to the color and from me wearing them pretty often the past few months.  There’s also a part of the upper that is starting to separate from the outsole.  Nothing that shoe glue wouldn’t fix, but Strike Movement offered me a FREE new pair of Interval 2’s for my problems.

Interval 1 insole (left) Interval 2 insole (right)


The Interval 2’s are going to run you $125 shipped to the US.  That’s not really a deal considering that most other functional training shoes will be around, or much less than that.  You’re going to have to ask yourself if you’re the kind of person that just wants a sneaker that you can wear everywhere; i.e. going on a long trip and only being able to bring one pair of shoes.  Sneaker heads shouldn’t have a problem dropping this kind of cash for these shoes.  I love my Intervals, being able to wear them wherever I go is a great feature that you’re not going to find on most other training shoes.  With that said, I wish that Strike Movement priced the Intervals  a little more competitively so that more people could experience just how…well…dope they are.  If you got it, spend it.  Buy these shoes.


  1. Hey nice review, I was looking at these but the sizing has me worried about an online purchase. I don’t wear chucks, so I cant compare that either. How did they fit compared to your Nike’s? I’ve always worn a 10.5 in Frees, and Lunar Glides. You have any comparison to those?

    1. I would go a half size down, so 10? They might be snug but should open up a little bit. That’s what happened with my interval 1s…still working the 2s in.

  2. When you mention that it was snug initially, how would you describe the fit? I bought an Interval 3 today and the salesperson indicated that my toes should be pressing up against the front and sides of the shoes slightly. I’m wearing them now, and my big toe is definitely pushing against the front of the shoe. It’s *very* snug. Is this the fit you’d recommend? And how long did it take to break in? I’m a bit worried I spent $140 (with tax) on shoes that are too small and will be uncomfortable to run in.

    1. Hey Bradley,
      Both of my pairs of Intervals fit pretty snug in the first place but I wouldn’t say they were uncomfortably tight. My originals loosened up quite a bit and are now really comfy, my 2’s feel good but still have some breaking in to do. I don’t think the shoe has changed other than colors, but if you feel that it’s going to be too tight even after it breaks in, then I’d return them and size up. You know your body best! Just FYI, my toes make contact with the front of the shoe. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I wear an 11-11.5 in the Nike Free shoes. The Interval they sold me is a 9. It’s incredibly snug. Their return policy is not good, though. Once I’ve worn them (which I have to see if they’d break in) you can’t return them. I’ll swing by the store later, though.

      2. Whoa. I wear a 9.5-10 for Frees and i wear a 9 in the intervals.

  3. Wow. Yeah, it surprised me. But the salesperson seemed convinced the 9 looked like it fit right. I guess I’ll go back and do some investigating of other sizes again.

    1. Just wanted to follow-up… Swapped up a half size at the store. Great customer service. Had to get a different color because they were out of the black, but pumped at how the grey looks. May have to get another pair if I like these. Thanks again for your review!

      1. I hope you love the shoes! I love mine and I’m thinking I need to add some of the Chill Pills into my arsenal of shoes. Enjoy!

      2. Jonny Kidney – I'm a an Executive Producer involved in Video Production, Television, Radio, Video Editing and Documentaries in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
        Jonny Kidney says:

        Hey Bradley, I’ve been trying to find reviews on Strike Movements, but I can’t find many. So, after a year of owning yours, what is the verdict? Would you buy them again? Do they hold up the test of time? Thanks

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