Rope Off: Round 2


Sometime around July of last year, I went over a few different speed ropes that I had been using at the time.  One year later, ropes are getting more well designed and the choices are getting plentiful.  I’ve already gone over some of my recent favorites with in-depth reviews, but there are definitely a few more than honorable mentions.  Rather than going back into too much depth about them, I’ll just give you the summarized break-down.  Not that this means that any of these ropes are bad and aren’t worth a look, some might actually fit your needs better.  Note that this isn’t really a head-to-head battle, it’s just another guide to help you pick out the right rope.

Harbinger HumanX X4 Competition Rope

To say that I was less than impressed by the HumanX X2 speed rope is one of the biggest understatements of the century.  The X4 takes everything that the X2 tried to do and actually does them right.  While it features the same cable and triple axis system, the bearings in these handles rotate fast and effortlessly unlike the previous model.  The handles are a little bit on the large (6″) and heavier side, but never become too much of a chore to hold; nor do they cause your forearms to fatigue early.  Some might prefer the heft and size of the handles, but personally they’re not for me.  Still, a solid, fast rope that actually kind of looks cool.  Grab your X4 Competition Rope here!


  • Bearing spin fast and easily.
  • Rubberized handles.
  • Adjustable without worrying about leaving kinks in the rope to get caught in the handles.
  • Cable is fast and gives good enough feedback; doesn’t retain shape after being coiled up.
  • Awesome build quality!


  • Handles are a little heavy, with larger ends.
  • Not the easiest to adjust, could possibly lose the included allen wrench.
  • Ball that holds the cable in place can slip too far out of the handle if you mess up.

JumpNRope R1.5 Hybrid Speed Rope

The newest creation by world jump rope champion, Molly Metz, the JumpNRope R1.5 speed rope is probably one of the most well balanced ropes ever to come out.  This rope is good for everyone, while not the fastest jump rope on the market (and doesn’t claim to be), it’s cable provides a good amount of feedback while still maintaining the speedy and accurate handles we’ve all come to love JumpNRope for.  The new cable is a PVC coated wire that has the flexibility of old PVC cables, but has added support against binding due to the steel core.  If you want fast, get the R1 rope.  If you want a rope that you’re going to be able to feel on your trip down from flight simulator, durable outdoors as well as indoors, easily adjust on the fly, not have to worry about kinking up or binding in the air, get the R1.5 rope.  Get your R1.5 Hybrid Speed Rope here!


  • Usable indoors and outdoors without having to worry about the cable fraying.
  • Adjust on the fly by putting knots in the cable.  Cable doesn’t retain kinks.
  • Cable has good weight, not too heavy and not too light.
  • Great, fast, yet balanced handles that come in two sizes.
  • Very good to learn double unders on, and won’t be too slow for a long time.
  • Doesn’t hurt much, probably won’t leave you looking like you just got in a fight with Indiana Jones.


  • Doesn’t come with a spare cable like the R1 does.
  • Not the fastest rope.

OneFitWonder Speed Rope

All you really need from a speed rope is something to get you from point A to point B.  The OneFitWonder speed rope has no frills, no crazy bearings or eyelets, it’s just a jump rope that works just fine to do double unders on.  Do I recommend it to beginners trying to learn double unders? No, because the cable is a little bit on the lighter side.  Oh, did I mention that this rope is $10?  It’s cheap!  With free shipping!  Hell, I got mine for free when FringeSport did their promotion for not being able to hit the demand of X-Mas.  How cool is that?  They GAVE away jump ropes!  I keep this in my bag because it’s reliable like a 95′ Honda Accord, with a cooler paint job.  Get the OneFitWonder speed rope here!


  • It’s $10.
  • It works.
  • You can adjust the set screws by hand.


  • It’s not super fast.
  • The cable is on the lighter side.

Axis Jump Ropes

Here’s an interesting rope that doesn’t really have any kind of marketing behind it.  The first time I spotted this speed rope was on IronEdge’s website.  While it’s branded IronEdge, one glance between the two and you’ll know that these are the same ropes.  These handles spin fast and smooth as butter.  It’s a shame and a blessing that this rope isn’t being marketed better because it’s great, especially for the price!  My only gripe is that the cable somewhat retains it’s shape, so you’re going to either have to hang it up or deal with un-working out the cable before each use.  While it retains it’s shape statically, the cable doesn’t bind when it’s in motion in the air which is a relief.   You couldn’t order the Iron Edge Elite Speed Rope because they don’t do international shipping, but luckily you can find the Axis Speed Rope direct from Amazon!


  • Fast and smooth bearings.
  • Handles are well built, sized and weighted.
  • $20 gets you the same performance you’re going to find on $40 ropes.


  • Cable can be a hassle to unwork.
  • Not quite sure about the company’s customer service.

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