Review Update – Again Faster Team Barbell (165k)


UPDATE 4/1:  I’ve contacted Again Faster in regards to these issues and this was their response:

Recently we had a small batch of bars that missed our knurling specifications. The over aggressive knurling was caused by an adjusted tooling position. In addition, the knurling was too close to the bushing.  This resulted in the knurling rubbing on the bushing which in turn affected the spin. 

Since we first heard of these issues, we have remedied the knurling specifications and have sent out replacement bars to anyone who has had the issues mentioned. 

Very reassuring to hear! I knew there had to have been some kind of mistake, but it’s great to know that they recognize it and are doing something about it.  Stand by for actual testing on the revised barbell!

It’s come to my attention that since writing my review of the original Again Faster Team Barbell (185k), that there have been a few changes to the current model that’s 165k tensile, other than the strength of the steel.  Take this as a tentative update since I don’t have anything solid right now.

I started doing a little research on the newer barbell because like an idiot, I let my original one go thinking that the newer model would be mainly the same. A negative review on the Again Faster website made me wary of the changes.

– Apparently the knurling is different and a lot more aggressive. Personally I really liked the old knurling, it was grippy but not aggressive to where it would hurt my hands. You might like the new pattern, I probably wouldn’t seeing how the old was borderlining it for me.

– A positive change is that there are both IPF and IWF markings vs the old version with just IWF. Not a deal maker or breaker.

– Obviously a huge change is the fact that the barbell is now only 165k vs the old 185k tensile. There was literally NOTHING on the market near the price range of the Team Barbell with 185k, now at 165k, you have some options.

– Probably the biggest change you wouldn’t find out about until seeing or using the barbell is the sleeve rotation, or lack thereof. I praised the original for having incredible spin for a bushing barbell. I’ve seen a few videos showing how poorly the new version rotates, and until someone shows me otherwise, for this reason alone I can no longer recommend the Again Faster Team Barbell.

Now just to let you know, I don’t have any of my own personal time with the current version, all I’ve seen are videos and other reviews. Some might say that it’s unfair for me to pass judgement seeing as how I haven’t actually used the revision, but I loved the old barbell and it’s really disappointing to hear about all these changes since I’ve recommended the Team Barbell to numerous people.  I just can’t put my name up on the product I’ve been hearing and seeing all these negative things about.  Someone prove me otherwise, I really want to hear that this stuff is a fluke.  Also, I’m not trying to take any shots at Again Faster, they’ve given me amazing customer service in the past and I’m a big fan of the company,  I just want to make sure that you guys are getting as accurate information as possible.


  1. I do concur with your assessment on the spin issue. My Ohio bar spins better than the Team AF bar, and after three months I have had to lube one of the collars to get it to spin freely again. Another issue is that they waffled on the tensile strength of the bar in an email, saying that the BF bars have only 155ksi steel with a 165k PSI rating, then they said that it had a 165k PSI rating when clarification was asked. My advice—Get this bar when it is on sale, such as during the Black Friday and Open deals (its a great deal when it is below $200 and get a shipping deal on it as I did). Otherwise, spend the extra $60 or so and get an Ohio bar from Rogue.

    1. Thanks for the reply Steven.
      I’m not sure I can warrant purchasing a barbell with sleeves that don’t spin well, (from what I’ve seen, awful) since I do a lot of mixed lifting. I really do hope that Again Faster clears this up ASAP.

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