Review: Momentum Gear Elite Aluminum Jump Rope


The road to double-unders can be somewhat of a long and painful journey…

…but finally! You’re there and now you’re looking for a less fatiguing, and speedier rope. The problem is, you don’t want to go out and shell out fifty plus dollars on a jump rope.  You want the performance, but not the price tag?  What’s that?  You’re not so sure about how to size a jump rope and don’t want to get stuck with something with just one size?

I think I have the right rope for you…

The Momentum Gear Elite Aluminum Handle Jump Rope.

The first thing that you notice when you see this jump rope is it’s unusual pinning method for the ends of the rope.  You loop the rope through the bearing mechanism, versus other ropes using a tightening nut to lock the ends in. Thinking the rope might loosen itself at the ends, I wasn’t so sure about this method.  Through using it, I had no issues and I actually applaud the mechanism for easy adjustment on the fly.  I was able to adjust it for my height and let a smaller, female athlete at my box try it out (she loved it, btw) after without the hassle of getting my tools out.  I would avoid letting too many people use your jump rope though, as the cable will develop multiple kinks in it from adjusting.  Tell ’em to get their own!

Usually there’s a sort of “feeling out” period for me when I get a new jump rope.  Even though I’m fairly proficient at double-unders (DU’s from here on out), every set of handles and cable combinations have their own unique characteristics.  Surprisingly, using both the bare cable and the coated cable, I was able to knock out hundreds of DU’s with ease.  I’m not going to recommend the bare cable in this instance unless you are highly proficient with DU’s.  It just a bit on the lighter end and it just doesn’t provide enough feedback.  The coated cable is still light but feels more similar to the cables used on most other speed ropes.  You shouldn’t notice any kind of performance difference from other top of the line jump ropes.

The handles are the star of the show. The bearings right out of the box spin effortlessly fast, smoothly and accurately; they’re also advertised to increase in speed as you “break-in” your rope.  You won’t find any unnecessary heft here, these handles are LIGHT…even lighter than the RPM Rope’s 2.0 handles.  Not to mention they’re only about a few MM’s thicker than a pen.  The anodized aluminum finished handles are easy to hold and don’t fatigue your forearms.  That same female athlete mentioned above went on to say that she really liked that the handles weren’t overly long and bulky, just the right size for her hands.

Starting at $30 and topping off at $50 for some slick carbon fiber handles, the Momentum Gear elite jump rope is quite the steal when you factor in how well it performs.  The thoughtful adjustable design makes it very user friendly as well as affiliate friendly if you’re going to be supplying ropes to various height athletes.  There are a lot of great ropes on the market and Momentum Gear’s Elite jump rope is as deserving of your attention as some of the pricier options.

Not to mention, they’ll make you look like a bad mother f***** while you’re using them.

Check Momentum Gear out here!


  1. I’m curious, what do you think the winner is between these 2 ropes? I Crossfit.. Ive owned a RPM 2.0 and was going to get another one since I somehow lost my RPM rope… So, which one is the winner and why? If I had the money I would buy them both but that is close to $100 for 2 ropes to where I will end up only using 1. Unless Black Friday deals make my decision for me lol

    1. I would go with the RPM 2.0 if you’re looking for pure speed. The Momentum is great for the money, but at the end of the day if I was looking to crush WOD’s, I would choose the RPM.

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