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I decided to skim Reebok’s site to look at what other people have been saying in their reviews about these shoes…People say the darndest things.

I really, really tried to avoid buying these shoes for as long as I possibly could.  Not because I think they’re ugly or that the “idea” is stupid, I just think that this is Reebok just cashing in on the crossfit name. Let’s be honest, I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this.  A shoe for recovery? Sounds pretty damn far fetched to me.  What sucker would buy into these anyways?  Well, you got me this time, Reebok. (And every other time.)

At first glance, the Reebok Nanossage come off kind of like some Vans slip-ons.  They’re not a bad looking shoe, you could dress them up and probably get away with it.  The cheesy “UNKNWN/UNKNWBL” print doesn’t nearly stand out as much as it does on the product pictures.  I went with the Reebok Navy/Pink/White color combination because I wear a lot of red, and pink was the closest thing they had to it.  Don’t be fooled by the Reebok Navy color, the pictures suggest that it’s a dark grey/light black color, but under sunlight it’s definitely navy.  At night, you wouldn’t be able to tell though.

The idea behind the Nanossage is that it’s like wearing a foam roller on your feet; hence the play on massage in the name. The sole is an “ultra soft cushioned foam” and the upper is a lightly foam lined, stretchable material.  The inside sole area is shaped with dimples that should serve as what massage the undersides of your feet.  The shoes are actually pretty comfortable and definitely lightweight.  I hate to admit it, but I like to wear more often than I thought I would.  Whether or not they actually help you recover is anyone’s guess.  The one major caveat with these shoes is that there is virtually no ventilation aside from two little holes on the inner region of the shoe.  You can wear socks with these, but I recommend that you go sockless for the most part if you get bothered by your feet getting hot.  I went with the size 9 option; they fit a tiny bit loose without socks and just right with socks.

UPDATE 1/16/14:  I just put the Nanossage through the ultimate wearability test, Disneyland.  7-8 hours predominately walking, without socks…bad idea.  These shoes are not meant to be be used for long periods of time without socks.  I used to wear them for short periods of time without any problems, but as your walk and your feet swell up, you develop a few contact points inside the shoe.  Mainly the joints of your big toes against the inner walls of the shoe where the foam meets the upper.  Towards the end of the day, it was unbearable and I had to go to a store to buy socks to wear for the remainder of my day.

“Train for the unknwbl – Prepare for the unknwn”

I’m not quite sure these things are built to last.  The soles seem like they would wear down pretty quickly if you wore them on anything abrasive.  I wore them out to eat, kicked some cracked asphalt and scratched a bit of sole.  Over time, I anticipate the uppers becoming permanently stretched out.  Just a hunch, but I’ve worn mine pretty consistently for the past couple weeks and they already feel looser than they did when I got them.  I do, however, love the fact that they’re machine washable.  Haven’t tested that feature out just yet though.

One of the original things that turned me off about these shoes are the price.  $65 dollars?  Really, for something that’s pretty much just a gimmick with crossfit branding?  After receiving them, I’m going to stick with that statement.  I couldn’t imagine paying full price for these.  I would have priced them for $45, max.  They’re slippers.  SLIPPERS.

Massaging dimples.

I did not pay full price for these shoes.  I had a coupon, that enhanced my normal ReebokONE discount, and I still struggled with the idea of buying them.  As a shoe, they’re comfy, great to hang out in, and coach classes in.  I like the fact that they don’t look too gaudy or obnoxious which leads to you being able to dress them up and get away with it.  I’m not sold on the restorative qualities of the Nanossage’s, but I do enjoy wearing mine.  My biggest gripe is the lack of ventilation…how was that overlooked?! If you’ve got money to blow, go for it.  I really think that $65 is a little much to be spending on some slippers that probably won’t go the long haul, but if you can get a discount on them, more power to you.

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