Review: RPM Speed Rope 2.0


I know that there are a lot of people out there that absolutely detest double-unders.  I, however, am not one of those people

The search for the “perfect crossfit jump rope”, has taken me from pretty much every rope under the sun.  While I don’t think there will ever be a “perfect” rope, I’ve got a few that are pretty damned close.  The one that has been my “go-to” recently, is the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0.

Having owned the earlier model, I had a pretty good clue of what I was getting myself into when I picked the 2.0 model up at the Games earlier this year.  While I liked the earlier iteration of the RPM rope, I was never enthralled by it, nor was it ever the first rope I would grab out of my bag.  I knew that while it could possibly be the fastest rope that I owned, I was just never proficient in using it.  It never had enough feedback for me; I would lose track of the rope easily with long sets of double-unders.  The construction was top notch though, and I loved the idea of that.

The RPM Speed Rope 2.0 in gold.

Right before the Games, I had caught wind that a redesigned rope was coming out.  50% lighter handles, all metal construction and more color options!  How could I resist?!  Even fully knowing that the original rope wasn’t my favorite, I had to have it.  Good thing curiosity got the best of me, because the redesign is totally worth upgrading to.  In all honestly, the handles (knurling) feel the same, just lighter.  For some reason, this aids in adding feedback while jumping.  You can feel the rope come in contact with the ground better, helping you keep track of where the rope is.  While the construction is all metal now, the difference in weight is noticeable.  Lighter handles = less forearm fatigue.  The RPM Rope still turns with the least amount of friction out of all the ropes I own.  Though the bearings don’t spin as freely as other handles, it’s still probably the fastest rope I’ve used.  Rogue SR-1, Jump ‘n’ Rope, RX Ropes included.

Awesome knurling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, while the RPM Rope is awesome and all, it’s NOT the best rope for everyone.  Novices still working on getting double-unders should probably be practicing with something with a little more feedback before upgrading here.  Even though feedback is better than on the original model RPM Rope, it’s still light feeling to almost non-existent if you’re forearms are fried from other movements.  Add in a cable that stings like hell when you miss and you’ve got yourself a very un-friendly beginner jump rope.  Maybe the negative reinforcement would help people get those double-unders though.  This also isn’t the cheapest option out there.  You’re looking at $49 (comes with a pouch and adjustment tool) without even including shipping, tax or personalization if you want your name on the handles.  An $8 speed rope on Amazon performs to 75-85% of what this rope can do, depending on your skill.  Probably be easier to learn with too, due to heavier wire and not as smooth rotation.

Redesigned ends: No more cap, easier to adjust open design. Cable still hurts.

Once again, ropes are a very preferential thing.  For some people, their RX Rope, Rogue’s and Jump ‘n’ Rope configurations are just fine.  You just need to find out what works best for you…that’s probably going to take a little bit of shopping around and testing things out.

If you’re proficient in double-unders and you’re looking for something to help step your game up.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at the RPM Speed Rope 2.0.  It’s arguably the fastest rope on the market right now.



    1. Hey David! Sorry for the delay in response, but the RPM still works great. I changed out the cable once, but only because I wanted to go a little longer. At the moment I’ve actually been using my MilSpec MS1. They’re both fine ropes but I fee like the MilSpec suits me better, not to mention that it’s cheaper than the RPM. Give it a look, and tell them I sent you!

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