Reebok Lifter Plus…? Eh…maybe later.


I know you’ve seen it in previous pictures on my blog, but I hope there wasn’t many of you guys out there looking to see a review of the new Reebok Lifter Plus.  Sorry, but it’s probably not coming any time soon.  As much as I’d like to give you a more detailed report about the shoe, they’re just not a HUGE upgrade to warrant a full review and I’d rather keep that money for something else.  Yes I do have a pair in my possession, but I can’t really beat them up since I wouldn’t be able to return them.

A few test notes from just walking around the house:

  • Size them as you would your normal Reebok shoe.  I wear a 9 and it’s a perfect fit for me.
  • One big gripe that I had with the original Lifters, is that I felt like I had minimal  lateral ankle stability. Same thing applies here.  Not a huge deal, seeing as how I’ve never rolled my ankles in them.
  • Front strap is a welcomed addition, if you didn’t already have the original Lifters, I would pay the difference to have that strap.
  • Games edition’s look pretty freaking awesome.
  • Less cushioned that the OG’s, more cushioned than actual Oly shoes.

I couldn’t warrant buying the Pluses if you already had the original Lifter shoe. Overall, they feel very similar and are still solid lifting shoe.  If this is your first and ONLY Oly/Hybrid shoe, it’s still the best choice for CrossFit. Inov-8 has a strong contender on their hands as well though.

If they end up dropping the price, then maybe I’ll do a review later.  Or if someone is kind enough to donate to the cause. 😉

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