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I seem to get the comment “You should just be sponsored by Hylete.” at least once a week. To say that I love the brand, is probably a gross understatement. If you didn’t know Hylete as a brand, they’re a fitness apparel company that sells everything from socks to backpacks and everything in between.  I pretty much own one or two of everything they sell (except for the new convertible bag *sadface*).

So, why do I love the brand so much you ask? Well, for one, I’m not a fan of most other brands that sell training apparel’s big gaudy logos or designs.  The Hylete logo and designs are simple, understated but look awesome. Two, it fits well and it’s comfortable.  Three, it’s pretty affordable, and they’ve always got some kind of deal going on.

I’ll give you a breakdown of everything they’ve got in their lineup, starting with…

Cross-training 1.0 to Compete shorts.


Probably (definitely) the best thing that Hylete offers.  The “cross-training 1.0” shorts are probably my favorite in the line-up, due to their POCKETS.  There’s a total of 3, and they fit everything I carry with me (wallet, phone, keys).  My only gripe about these shorts is that the drawstring can get caught and eaten up in the velcro parts of the short.  The fit here is slightly looser than both the “cross-training 2.0” shorts and “compete” shorts.  The newest shorts are the “cross-training 2.0” shorts.  While I love the design, I’m not so thrilled about the colors and the size of the pocket openings.  I wish they had more black combinations with other colors, rather than the gun metal color.  While I’m a big fan of the new zippered pockets, but I’m not a fan of the width of the openings.  I can’t fit my wallet in these pockets, my Galaxy S4 fit with a little bit of stretching, and iPhone’s fit without a hitch.  I guess when you’re working out, you don’t really need pockets, but I like to wear my Hylete shorts casually too!  Last but not least, the “compete” shorts.  I’m a big fan of the flag version of these shorts, but these shorts are strictly for competitions and days where I’m bringing a bag along.  There’s only a single pocket inside the right side of the shorts; all it’s going to fit is your phone.  All of the shorts are made out of the same extremely comfortable, stretchy, nylon/spandex blend.

Cross-Training 2.0 Shorts, above the knee.

I own pretty much all other brands of shorts for crossfit, and the Hylete shorts are always my go-to.


Fits well, comfortable material, stylish and easy to train in. What else do you want? Just for reference sake: I’m 5’9″ on a good day, 175lbs, 40R suit. Medium’s fit me pretty tight, it’s time to move to a large.


The hats come in two flavors: flexfit and flat bill. Personally I’m a snap-back/flat-bill kind of guy, but they don’t breathe all that well so if you care about getting your hat stinky and sweaty, I wouldn’t work out in this flavor. Alternatively, the flex-fit breathes really well!
The baselayers do a great job of holding your junk in place while you workout. I don’t see much other benefit to wearing them, as I’m not one of those people that think compression gear magically raises your STR+5. Sorry, no pic of me wearing these, unless it’s a special request.



Despite the higher price tag, the training jacket is totally worth it. Having worked out in it during the “cold” season of Southern California, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It breathes well, doesn’t restrict movement, has a cool opening in one of the pockets for headphones leading to an inner pocket (two total), and just plain looks sweet.

Dear Hylete,
I don’t know if you’re ever planning on bringing back the hoodie, but PLEASE do!
(If they do, the hoodie runs small, size up!!! I have a large and it fit’s snugly!)

Some dust on the jacket, it’s been sitting on the back of my office chair since it’s been warm.


Well, I don’t own either yet, but I’m working on it. 🙂 How about that new convertible bag though?! Looks trick.

Did I also mention that Hylete’s customer service is TOP NOTCH? I’ve had a couple issues so far, and they’ve credited me no questions asked. I try to tell everyone I know to buy this stuff, well because I truly believe that it’s one of the best brands out there for fitness apparel. You just have to see for yourself. (Don’t forget to put “Joel Te” in the referral!)


  1. Rob Rowald – Brewer of Beer, Gadget Geek, Tech Evangelist, Runner,Sci-Fi Nerd, Player of tabletop and video games, Urban Sasquatch, and Zombie Evader
    Rob Rowald says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Iove the 1.0 training shorts, except for the velcro issue. I’ve also had the same experience with customer service. They truly are the greatest out there.

    1. Thanks for reading Rob! I heard through the grapevine that the, next version of the cross-train 2.0 shorts are going to have larger pockets. No more velcro unless you liked the board short cut.

  2. xfittom – NC – I am an avid Crossfit enthusiast, and athlete. I love all about it and can not get enough. There is more , a lot more. I just can't think right now. :D
    xfittom says:

    I love Hylete too!, Their service is great, I agree. I’ve got some shirts,socks, shorts, and a hat. Nothing disappoints! I really want to get the 2.0 shorts and the convertible backpack soon.

    1. You’re gonna love the 2.0 shorts, unless you have a gigantic phone!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. True – they have a great service.
    I have the hoodie and t-shirt from them. I love t-shirt and hoodie would be really great but it’s way too “loose” on me. They advertise it as “athletic fit” or something but it doesn’t feel like it at all. I’m atheltic, 11-12% body fat, around 40 cm (16″) biceps, (118cm) 46″ chest, 88cm (34″) waist. I purchased L size and it doesn’t look the way I wanted it. But I probably got “deceived” by the pictures on website,where those hoodies look very “fitted”. It would probably look this way if I got size M, but then sleeves would be waaaay too short.
    T-shirt (black/gunmetal) is great. Both hoodie and t-shirt feel great on the body – very soft and “smooth”. Overall it’s 4,5/5 stars for the t-shirt and 3,5/5 for the hoodie.

    1. That’s interesting, I got a large hoodie and its small on me but I’m smaller than you. I wear a medium in their shirts and now they’re too small on me too! Maybe the sizing changed up because it’s been a while since I got anything from them.

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