If the shoe fits…


I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from friends lately regarding the fit of the Nano 3.0’s.  One male friend that normally wears a 9.5 in Nano 2.0’s says 9’s in Nano 3.0’s fits him perfectly, whereas a female friend said that hers fit too large (She normally wears a 7.5 and her 3.0’s are 7.5.).  If you read my earlier posts on Nano 3.0’s, you’ll know that my right shoe (sz 9) had been fitting a little too tight.  Well, I just said f’ it all and I’m selling my pair and I have a pair in 9.5 coming to me.  In the meantime, I tried on a friend’s 2.0’s in 9.5 and there wasn’t THAT much difference in size compared to my 9’s.

I have no clue what the hell is going on with the shoe sizing now.  Come Friday, I’ll have an update on how the 9.5’s fit me.  Until then, feel free to leave comments regarding how your shoes are fitting you.  I’d like to know where others stand in this debacle.

UPDATE (7/11 Happy Slurpee Day!):


Finally, the shoe is comfortable and feels “as it should” on my foot.  While the 9 felt just right on me, when I would walk, my foot splay would crush my toes into the front.  On these 9.5’s, there’s a little room in the toe box, but when I walk, my toes come close to the front but don’t jam anymore (pun intended).  They feel GREAT, the shoe is super comfortable now.  As for the color, well…Crossfitters wear some really douchey stuff, right?  I’ll fit in just fine with this colorway.

So…as far as SIZING goes;  If Nano 2.0’s and U-Forms fit you PERFECT (meaning your toes are at the front of the shoes when you walk), size up for Nano 3.0’s!  The toe box is less forgiving on these shoes.

That’s it.  No more Nano 3.0 talk, unless someone is paying me or giving me free shoes.

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