PYRROS Bar V1 Boneyard Closeouts! & Boneyard Restock!


Looks like with the release of the new IWF certified Pyrros bar, Rogue is clearing out the non-certified Boneyard versions for $325-385. I’m 100% positive that these aren’t any different from the IWF branded ones, so you can technically get the same barbell at a fraction of the cost. These would be amazing for training, as you’re basically getting a competition level barbell for under $400; especially if you’re planning on doing a Rogue equipped WL competition.

IMO, this is one of the finest barbells that Rogue Fitness makes so this is a STEAL!

NOTE – They also have a 28mm training bar for $250 which should perform nearly identical in terms of whip and feel, but will spin slightly slower. Not that much though, since the Pyrros bar is slowed down in the first place.


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