Nike Metcon 5 Leaks! FreeXMetcon 2 & Free Metcon Sport!


Got my hands on a picture of the upcoming FreeXMetcon 2. Now featuring an even more slip on design.

Top lace eyelet is positioned in a way that it should prevent heel slippage with the TPU piece around the back. Upper looks to be a ripstop like material but it’s hard to say from this picture.

Tentative release date is APRIL for men and women!

This one is of the Free Metcon Sport?

Not a lot of info on this one – obviously we have a 100% slip on, no lace design. Upper looks like a couple different fabrics – mesh toe box with PU overlays around the edges. Single strap, hopefully with enough back pressure to prevent heel slip. Ankle collar looks like the same material found on Metcon Flyknit 3.

Most interesting is the tread pattern, or what we can see. It seems to resemble a turf training shoe. Kind of like the old Zoom Speed or current Varsity Compete Trainer.

I feel like this one could be the lowest price shoe in the lineup, maybe meant to bridge the gap between training and functional fitness. All speculation right now though.

I wasn’t planning on releasing these yet, but here are the @nike Metcon 5 in 3 different colorways.

As per the release schedule, these shoes have a complete overhaul to their design. Personally I like it because the angles give it character (reminds me of the Why Not?). But like anything new, I can see the look putting people off until people get used to it.

Looks to have a completely mesh vamp split to a cushier quarter. Heel clip is rounded and I think looks pretty cool.

Don’t love any of these colorways but Nike never really disappoints there in the long run.

Release date from what I heard is May, but of course that could change.


  1. I don’t know why buy my initial reaction to the Metcon 5’s are awfully like the Nano 8’s. More rounded features than normal, just like the Nano 8’s.
    Based on the photo and first reaction only.

    What do you think?

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