Weightlifting House House Barbell Review (20kg/First Version)


I always get excited when I see a new brand bringing out barbells, especially when that brand is focused on bringing a single quality product out. All too often, I’ll come across brands that are just jumping into the fray for a quick buck, not really having any passion behind their products. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I respect when the ideas of someone who might actually be the end user, drives the manufacturing process.

Weightlifting House is a brand that you might, or might not have heard of depending on what your focus is. Seb Ostrowicz created the brand as a product of living the weightlifting lifestyle himself, that prompted him to start hosting a podcast, which would eventually lead to the production of his line of barbells.

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  1. Thanks for all of your great reviews and notifications of sales (I literally just got some nano 8’s for $45). I’ve gotten much more into weightlifting and I’m looking to expand from my trusted Ohio bar. I’m between the House and the Fringe weightlifting bars. Since you’ve used both and they are somewhat in the same price ballpark, do you have any additional thoughts or comparisons? Any WL bars around the 400-500$ range you would recommend over those two?

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