Vulcan Strength Absolute Stainless Steel Barbell Review


Probably not a brand you’d expect to pay $800+ for, but the performance of the Vulcan Strength Absolute Stainless Steel competition bar definitely reflects the price. The bar easily rivals my competition ready barbells. If you can get lucky enough to snag one off of their closeouts, you’re looking at the biggest steal in barbell history. Either way, the Vulcan Absolute is worth your attention if you’re looking for a competition ready training bar.

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  1. Hey my man, I am currently torn between 3 barbells – two of which I’ve seen you review, and the third you’ve reviewed its cousins. So this VULCAN ABSOLUTE SS bar looks absolutely amazing, I’m just wondering if it’s worth the 170$ price difference to the AB SS COMP bar which you also gave a glowing review of. And the third barbell I’m looking at seems to be a new one since no one has reviewed it, it’s the ROGUE OLY WL SS bar. In theory it should have the same knurl as the euro/wl, which you seem to think very highly of, but with that stainless “stick” for 20$ more than the ab, and 150$ less than the vulcan. If cost isn’t an issue which would you choose?

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