I’m an affiliate OWNER!


Sorry there haven’t been many updates as of late. I’ve been busy (re)opening up my own CrossFit affiliate! In the last month I took ownership and our team, totally revamped CrossFit 805 in my hometown of Simi Valley, CA.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, please check us out! Just let me know you’re a fan of AMRAP!

In the meantime please check out the newly redesigned website (www.crossfit805.com),
Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram @crossfit805!

That being said, I haven’t stopped doing reviews on AMRAP, for the time being I’ve just slowed down a little bit.

Reviews to look forward to:

  • XWerks Ignite
  • TuffWraps
  • WOD-Fix
  • FMD Denim

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