Review: W.O.D. Welder Solid Salve


That feeling you get when you realize you just ripped.

A mixture of anger, discouragement, and worst of all, pain.

No one likes ripping, but in the world of fitness, it’s just a part of life.  You can take care of your hands as best as you can by shaving down calluses and moisturizing, but it still happens.  After you get a rip, what really matters is how you take care of the wound.  Thanks to W.O.D. Welder’s line-up of hand care, it’s never been easier to prevent and bounce back from rips.  While they offer anything from soap to pumice stones, I’ll be focusing on their Solid Salve, which is used to remedy rips.

Essentially, WOD Welder looks like an oversized tube of chapstick, kind of feels like it too! It applies easy enough, just unscrew the cap and apply like you would chapstick to the wound area (make sure you sanitize the area first!). You don’t really have to use all that much either so I can see this tube going the distance. Almost instantly you’ll get a cooling (peppermint) sensation over the area applied to. The mixture of all natural ingredients immediately goes to work and you’re on your way to rip salvation! Just from my experience, I’ve gone from full blown tear to ready to WOD in about 2 nights, I don’t get those crazy bloody rips though. The weather in SoCal has been kind of crazy lately, causing my hands to dry up and develop cracks, which I also use WW for. Those painful little cracks disappear in one night of use!

This is what happens when you share.

Everyone should have a tube of W.O.D. Welder in their bag; it’s cheap, effective, and even if you don’t rip that often, you probably will at some point. What’s $10 bucks to you if your livelihood is the gym (weightlifters, powerlifters, gymnasts)? I highly recommend just getting the hand care kit that includes a pumice stone and their hand cream too. The pumice stone is naturally occurring volcanic pumice thats much more effective than the artificial kinds. If you’ve got dry hands the hand cream is a godsend, I don’t like lotion because I hate the greasy feeling when it’s on, but this hand cream just leaves your hands smooth as silk without feeling like you couldn’t hold onto your car’s steering wheel.

About 2 days post rip.

If you’re a serial ripper, WOD Welder should be an essential item in your gym bag!

Get yours here!

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