I’m not being lazy, I swear.


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, y’all. 
There’s a few reasons for this, I promise you. A few weeks ago, I crashed hard on a power clean and injured my left thumb/wrist. Thus making it hard for me to properly review that updated Again Faster Team Barbell I’ve been meaning to get around to. I don’t want to give you guys a review with only about a couple weeks use of it.
Since then, I’ve also procured a few new sets of shoes and some interesting new “snatch” shorts by Born Primitive. Once again, I’d rather make sure I’m giving you the best possible reviews on these things so I need ample testing, and with this broke ass hand of mine, is not really going well.
I promise, updates as soon as my hand starts getting better!

And if you really can’t wait, the barbell is still awesome.

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