Rocktape Knee Caps (2.0) Update


If you had read my previous review on the Rocktape Knee Caps, you’d know that I wasn’t such a big fan of them because of their issues with durability.  Mine started falling apart within a month, of light usage no less.  After getting in touch with Rocktape’s customer service, they told me that they stand behind their product no matter where you buy it from. Kudos to that, as I bought mine through a third party merchant on Amazon and wasn’t so sure it was an authorized re-seller that came with a warranty.  I’m pretty sure my original knee caps weren’t counterfeit products though, but Rocktape took care of me no questions asked.  The problem was that it was such a high demand product (still is) that replacements wouldn’t start going out until February.  As promised, it’s February and my replacements are in.  Everywhere still seems to be sold out of them still, extra points for taking care of the customer first!  It would have also been easy to just stick to the original manufacturing, but Rocktape stepped it up and “improved” some of the original design flaws.

Expect a more detailed write-up as I wear them out more.  I just thought I’d go over some of the “improvements”.

Original on the right, 2.0 on the left. Look closely as you can see that the black lining is no longer just a cover for the stitching. It’s actually stitched on now.
Back view. 2.0 left, Original right.
Greatly improved stitching on the insides. 2.0 left, Original right. Note the covers peeling off on the originals. Whether or not the lining “bubbles” on the 2.0 is yet to be seen, but the lining does feel the same between the two.


    1. Hey Sarah, the second ones are still okay but i rarely use them. Theyre on a new revision that are supposedly the best ones but even still i cant recommend them over Rehbands, Workt or Exosleeves.

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