Face-off: Rogue Ohio Bar v.s. Rep Fitness Excalibur Bar

Rogue’s red Ohio bar endcap…probably the meanest looking endcap on the market. That Matt Chan endcap looks sick too though.
Again, points to the Ohio bar in the visual department, that gold bushing doe.
Notice the finer knurl pattern on the Ohio bar. They both feel great though.
Here’s another view on the knurling.
The Rep and the AF Team Barbell just for comparison sake. Notice that while the AF barbell looks to have a fine knurl like the Rogue, it doesn’t feel like that in the hand. More sharktooth like…but not as aggressive.
Grooves on the sleeves are better machined on the Rogue, but the Excalibur is slightly longer.
Black oxide vs bright zinc – they both look awesome.


  1. Do you prefer the 28 or 28.5mm diameter? I was about to pull the trigger for the Ohio until I stumbled upon the Excalibur which, from your review, may even be better. Rogue’s black oxide just looks so badass.

    1. I prefer 28mm, sounds like it wouldn’t make a huge difference but it does for Oly lifts. The black oxide does look pretty badass, but you will have to oil it up regularly to keep it looking badass. Overall, I like the Excalibur all in all better, but the knurling is better on the Ohio.

      1. As far as maintenance goes, it would go hard chrome, zinc, oxide, and bare steel. The Excalibur being bright zinc, shouldn’t require any real maintenance besides cleaning it when it gets too chalky or bloody. Oxide is like bare steel and still just needs to be oiled up every now and then.

      2. I just use simple green and a brush to clean.

    1. Not every time, once in a while after cleaning is fine.

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