Review: Kill Cliff – The Recovery Drink

Come get your Kill Cliff on at CFRS.

I have a love/hate relationship with Kill Cliff.  I hate it because I can’t resist buying the stuff.  It’s not exactly cheap and/or plentiful (12 fl oz?!).  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give you super powers; at least it doesn’t give me any.  Who knows if all they’re claiming it does actually works.  Liquid ibuprofen?  I know how 800mg of ibuprofen makes me feel.  Not many things replicate that.  But hell, who really drinks things for their nutritional value anyways?  We want taste!  And that’s exactly what I’m in love with.

“The Recovery Drink”?

I don’t know if Kill Cliff actually works.

I don’t really care if Kill Cliff actually works.


Because It tastes so damned good.

For those of you who aren’t so familiar with the drink (somehow must have stumbled upon my blog by accident…), Kill Cliff is a drink aimed at recovery, sporting natural ingredients with very little of the 3 c’s (just made that up): carbohydrates. caffeine and calories.  While Kill Cliff may have the appearance of an energy drink, it’s not.  You see a lot of the ingredients in KC in a lot of energy drinks nowadays, but they usually come with a ton of caffeine.  Tons of caffeine leads to an eventual crash, which is pretty hampering to athletic performance.  This is not so with Kill Cliff.  Like I said, before, I don’t really know if my body actually recovers any better after I have a Kill Cliff, but I do know that I feel generally better.  The stuff just tastes so good that it puts you into a better mood.

Speaking of taste, there are two flavors of Kill Cliff:  Tasty and Double Awesomeness.  Whoever came up with these names should get a gold star on their desk.  What better choice of words could convey what the drinks actually taste like? “Tasty” is citrus-y, some have gone as far to say that it tastes a bit like blood orange.  I would agree, but with a bit of tangerine tartness.  “Double Awesomeness”, is the new flava on the block.  Honestly, I don’t even know what the hell it tastes like.  I had one today, for the sole purpose of trying to distinguish a flavor profile…and I was stumped.  All I can tell you is that it tastes of awesomeness.  If I had to choose a favorite, it would be “Tasty”.  That citrus-y carbonated goodness just can’t be beat.  The only times I’ll spring for “Double Awesomeness” is when I need the carbs for a workout.  Don’t fret, there aren’t THAT many more carbs.

My box sell each can for $3; I think that’s pretty in line with what most do as well.  Cases directly from Kill Cliff range anywhere from $15-$54 with free shipping.  My box (CrossFit RepScheme, if you haven’t figured it out yet.) sells everything for the same price as well.   At the time of this writing (9/10), it seems like the Kill Cliff website is out of “Double Awesomeness”, so if you’re looking for some, we have them in-stock.  Not exactly the cheapest drink on the market.  $3 dollars, every day for a month adds up.  That’s almost a months worth of dues.  It’s really easy to spend that on Kill Cliff’s if you’re not careful.

I can’t really say any other negative stuff about Kill Cliff other than the price.  This stuff is like cocaine in a can.  If “Red Balls” was real, this is it.  The company itself seems like it’s run by some pretty cool people too.  At least what I see from the Crossfit side of things.  Good people, good product…can’t really complain about much here.

If you’ve never tried Kill Cliff, I urge you to stay as far away as possible.  Just kidding.  Go get your drank on.  It’s probably going to make you go broke, but at least your thirst will be satisfied at the end of it all.

Kill Cliff, the lifeblood of Team RepScheme.

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