It’s Official


They’re officially out now. Black/red looks good…better in person as did the grey/orange.  Thinking about swapping laces to red though…that is if I decide to even keep them.

A few more weightlifting notes:

  •  Went up to my 90% clean, no stability issues to report.  Power delivery was so good, I didn’t bother putting my oly shoes on.
  • Jerks felt good, foot movement was quick.  Still had a problem turning that back foot in, but that’s probably just my technique since that’s how it is for me with all shoes.
  • Back squatted bare up to my 3RM (345#) in these.  No issues that you wouldn’t find squatting in other sneakers with squishy soles.
  • Toe box still hasn’t loosened up.  My right foot gets cramped, but still it’s just my right so it’s probably me.  The original two Nano’s just fit better for me.

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