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Under Armour Project Rock Delta Highlight Shoe Review (Longest title ever, if ya smell what The Rock is cookin’.)

For this review, we’re going to have to step outside the box. Think back to a time before you did functional fitness, back to the days of globo-gym and bro-science; if that’s what you still do, it should be easy. Before I knew anything about minimalist shoes, zero drops, or weightlifting shoes – I, like most […]

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Crossfit/Training Shoes, Shoe Reviews

Nike Metcon 3 Review

***Click here for the Nike Metcon 3 DSX Flyknit Review*** It seems like just yesterday I received a beautiful package from Nike containing the now antique, the Metcon 1. Since it’s original release, the Metcon has been the biggest thing that’s hit functional fitness since Brooke Wells. For good reason, it is Nike after all. […]

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Crossfit/Training Shoes, Gear Reviews

2016 CrossFit Shorts Buyer’s Guide

Let’s be real here: Fitness fashion is a thing and it’s here to stay. Within the last couple years, I’ve seen training clothing go from an obscure kind of niche market to being front in center at almost all popular clothing stores. Before, you’d really only find the good stuff online but now almost since almost every brand is […]

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