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HIIT Bottle Review

Fitness as a whole, has made huge strides within the past 10 years.

So why has it taken so long for shaker bottles to catch up?! I was still using the same old shaker bottles that I’d had for almost 10 years up until earlier this year. Why? Because nothing had really changed. Sure, I had bought some newer ones when I started working out more and needed more to alternate with, but they were pretty much the same as the old ones. They had some funky odors and weren’t exactly see through anymore, but you learned to deal with those shortcomings. Okay, that’s gross and I probably should have replaced them sooner, but that doesn’t change the fact that not much has changed in the way of how you mix your drinks.


Insulated bottles are all the rage now and HydroFlask’s are leading the way; but they’re still not a suitable replacement for a shaker bottle. The screw top lid isn’t exactly time friendly when you’re in the middle of a WOD and they don’t come with an agitator. You can buy a flip top lid with the tiniest of spouts, but that cap leaks (tried it). Don’t get me wrong, I love my HydroFlask, but only really when I’m filling it up with water.

That’s where the HIIT Bottle comes in. It’s a double walled, vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottle that’s meant to be the replacement to the age old plastic shaker bottle. Since the HIIT Bottle has the food grade stainless steel construction, any kind of odors are less likely to happen. Inside, the edges are rounded at the bottom so clean up is a lot easier; you won’t have to worry about leaving any traces of old protein or bacteria. Gone are the days where cleaning a dirty bottle that you left in your bag, meant opening up a post apocalyptic nuclear war zone. Not to mention the rounded bottom works with the shape of the agitator to efficiently mix up your drink.


You can’t talk about the HIIT Bottle without mentioning how gorgeous the bottle is in each one of it’s colorways: polished steel, gold-bronze, and matte black. One of the worst “features” of the bottle is that you’ll be sad when you get your first ding or scratch. It’s bound to happen, but overall the bottle is very resilient. My bottle survived a 10-day trip to Japan (carry-on friendly), where it stayed with me throughout every temple hike I went on. Even with nicks to the finish, the HIIT Bottle is definitely a bottle that you’re going to want to show off to the world and I guarantee people will ask about it.


Like any insulated bottle, the HIIT Bottle plays well with cold and hot fluids, so you really only have to carry one bottle around from early morning to afternoons at the gym. I haven’t tested the actual times, but I’ve left cold fluid in my bottle overnight only to wake up to cold fluid. It’s definitely good enough to last you a few hours in the gym. The insulation is not as effective compared to the HydroFlask, most likely due to the design of the lid not being a screw top but the same thing happens when you put the flip top lid on the HydroFlask. The HIIT Bottle does do a very good job holding everything inside the bottle providing a leak free experience, even without actually locking the top.


Of course, the HIIT Bottle is not without it’s shortcomings. The lid, though thoughtful in design with it’s locking mechanism, doesn’t seem very sturdy and is quite cumbersome overall. It seems like all it would take is one hard turn the wrong way to snap the top right off. The loop at the top of the lid seems pretty useless, though I guess you could run a lanyard through it, I’d rather it be a little more sleek with the design of the rest of the bottle or have better functionality, like a hook or loop to hold. The bottle is rated to hold 22oz of fluid, which is about the same as a normal shaker bottle, but it only takes one 16.9oz bottle of water to almost completely fill it up. I think 22oz is already too little, so being constrained to 16.9oz means I have to continually refill the bottle making it less convenient to use daily.


At $35, the HIIT Bottle is definitely a luxury item. You could buy a few shaker bottles at the price, but you’d have to deal with eventually throwing them away, whereas you’ll be able to use one HIIT Bottle forever and for everything. Not to mention it’s actually something you’re going to want to carry to work, to the gym, or just around in your daily life. Personally, I do wish there was a bigger sized bottle, but if you’re not a waterhog like me, you should be fine with the capacity.

Even with it’s shortcomings, the HIIT Bottle seems to always be the shaker I grab when I go to the box. Not having to worry about immediately cleaning the bottle is a HUGE plus for a lazy bachelor like me. Also, in those sweltering summer months (RIGHT NOW), a cold drink is way more refreshing than a warm one when you’re in the middle of a workout. If you’re looking to consolidate your bottle game with something you’re going to want to be seen with, the HIIT Bottle is the way to go.

$35 www.hiitbottle.com


Review: Klear Bottle 40 oz

I love bottles, not even kidding.

Why it took so long for me to dish out the money for a Hydro Flask, I don’t know. Ever since I was a little baby, drinking liquids out of containers has kind of been my thing. Naturally, as the world evolved, so did my bottles. I always, always have some kind of bottle on me; being a CrossFit trainer, I try to stay somewhat hydrated. My first Hydro Flask was a 32 oz, and I was amazed by the construction, how well it kept things insulated, and knowing that I’m doing something to help save the world for my future bottle loving babies is invaluable. The only problem about that bottle, was for me, that it was too small. Maybe the fact that I drink too fast, or too much is the problem, but I soon realized that I would need a larger liquid holder.

Honestly, I paid a pretty penny for the Hydro Flask, so naturally I didn’t want to have to shell out more money for something I probably didn’t need, but wanted. Then one late night, I found myself as I so often am, shopping on Amazon and looking for Hydro Flask type bottles.

It was then I came across…the Klear bottle!

Everything about it looks like a Hydro Flask, just much cheaper! You can purchase two of the 40oz bottles for almost the price of a single 32oz Hydro Flask. I took a leap of faith, broke open my piggy bank and plunked down my hard earned pennies for this bottle, in hopes that it would be half the bottle my Hydro Flask is. I like living on the life on the edge and sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct; the results can be favorable, or not so much. This time, I would triumph. After the longest day of my life, the delivery man plopped that familiar brown box on my doorstep, and I would soon discover the excellence that is the Klear bottle.

Almost everything about the Klear bottle is virtually identical to it’s more well known counterpart. The way the rubber lining on the cap is, the vacuum sealed, double walled construction, the rough powder coated texture, even the writing and logo are similar. Furthering the value, they include a “Jug Lug”, in case you wanted to have an extra carrying handle or use an aftermarket cap. I took the Flip Top bottle from my Hydro Flask and secured it to my Klear Bottle; one just needs to make sure they firmly secure it to the Klear bottle, because it was not made of this bottle, and it will leak if not installed correctly. For my readers, I put my bottle through the rigorous “leave cold water in bottle test” overnight, against the Hydro Flask. After I awoke to test the waters for a victor, the next morning, I came to the conclusion that there was no real victor, only I, the drinker of water and owner of bottle, would be the one and only winner in this battle. Both bottles, kept said liquid, the same amount of coldness as the other.

Buy a bottle, save the world, one less plastic bottle at a time.

Stay hydrated, my friends.