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X Training Equipment Elite Bearing Barbell Review 2017

I decided to pick this bar up again seeing as how it was only $200 shipped and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the knurling problem has been fixed. Before, it was jagged and very uneven, now it’s perfectly uniform with the right depth.  Whip is still as good as I remember but the spin isn’t as great, but still good. For $200, you’d be hard pressed to find a better barbell.

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$300 CrossFit Barbell Buyer’s Guide

In this not so short video, I go over a few barbells that you should look into when shopping for your first barbell. All of these are under $300 (not including shipping/tax), which is a great price range to get a nice barbell, and perform excellent in their own rights. Some are better for weightlifting, some are mixed use, but all are great barbells that you could use for CrossFit in either the garage gym or affiliate atmosphere.

Assault Air Bike & Xebex Fitness Air Bike Comparison

In this (lengthy) video, I go over the similarities and differences between the games standard Assault Air Bike vs the carbon copy Xebex Fitness Air Bike. You might be surprised by some things! Both are great training tools and it just comes down to what fits your agenda the best.

Note: The reason the Schwinn AD Pro wasn’t included, other than the fact that I don’t have one, is that it counts calories much different. Not that it’s a bad bike, it just doesn’t fit the CrossFit “standard”.

Check out my review on the Xebex Bike here 

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Xebex Fitness Air Bike Review

**Xebex Fitness Air Bike & Assault Air Bike Comparison CLICK HERE**

Air bikes, they’re a love to hate kind of thing. If you’ve never ridden one,  the best way to explain the feeling of going full out for a minute or so, probably resembles something like getting kicked in the legs by a bunch of Muay Thai boxers for about as long. After the lactic acid starts building up, (and it will, fast) it will be soon be followed by a “F this machine.” and a strange desire to want to do this to yourself more often.

It just hurts so good.


As a training tool, air bikes fit all types of purposes from anaerobic to recovery use. It’s no wonder why Dave Castro decided to start adding them into CrossFit™ workouts, all the way up to the Games level. Now, air bikes have been around for years, they’re definitely not a new thing according to my Schwinn™ Airdyne from the 70’s, but there just hasn’t been any that would take the abuse affiliates (no commercial warranty either) up until recently with the release of the Assault Air Bike a couple years ago. Since then, you would have thought a ton of companies would have tried to steal a piece of the market share by now, but there hasn’t been much change in this segment up until about a year ago now when GetRxd started selling the Xebex Fitness Air Bike. Xebex Fitness, who? Not a household name, so getting the word out there about this bike hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely a hidden gem.

I remember when Assault Air Bike got that reaction too.


If you look at the two bikes side by side, you’re going to notice the differences way before you see the similarities, but there are actually more of the latter. The biggest change is the curved shape of the handle bars as opposed to the more straight ones on the Assault. I prefer this because I remember the Assault’s handles coming close to my knees when I pedaled. On top of that, the Xebex includes some thoughtful additions to the way that the bars link up to the rest of the unit in the way of a ball joint so that when the bars shift around side to side from hard pedaling, there won’t be as much stress at that area.  It sounds like something minor, but considering the abuse that the bike will see in the a busy affiliate, you’ll want as much durability as you can get. You also have the option to adjust the range of motion of the bars, mainly so you can dial in exactly to where the Assault is.

Build quality otherwise is excellent, not saying the Assault’s was bad in the first place because I can’t speak to that. The steel is very heavy gauge, it’s got reinforced pieces almost all around the bike; even the liveliest pedaling doesn’t really move the bike much at all.


Another major difference between the two bikes is the monitor. Personally I wasn’t thrilled about the monitor found on the Assault, but it worked so it was never a big deal to me. I thought it could be laid out a little better and just look a bit more polished. As for the Xebex bike, size wise it’s almost double the width of the Assaults, but that leads to a more easy to read and better laid out display. I think the main reason people will continue to purchase the Assault bike over the Xebex is because they’re worried, I was too, about how the Xebex computes it’s calories and distance. GetRxd assures me that it uses the exact algorithm to measure as the Assault bike does. It’s been about a year since I’ve used an Assault bike, but to me it feels the same. It takes me about 45 seconds to gun out 15 calories, and that’s accurate cross referencing it to a friend with an Assault bike. While you won’t be able to use these for actual CrossFit™ events, you can still train for them without worrying about statistics not adding up the same.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that you can actually plug and play the Xebex’s monitor to the Assault Air Bike and vice versa.  According to this year’s CrossFit Open for workout 16.4, it states “Rower that counts calories, similar in type and calibration to a Concept 2”. This is extremely important because if CrossFit ever decides to use an air bike in the Open setting using these same stipulations, the Xebex Air Bike would most definitely be allowed to be used. In this case, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t purchase the Xebex bike over the Assault unless you really liked the handlebars or monitor.


The finish on the Xebex bike is a shinier black compared to the matte powder coating you’ll find on the Assault.  This is something the Assault wins out on by far, to me. I personally hate anything of the shiny black flavor, especially something that’s going to see many hands. Where the Xebex loses there, it wins HUGE in the mobility department. One thing I absolutely detested about the Assault is the size of the wheels. You only had a teeny tiny sweet area to tip the Assault bike to move around, where on the Xebex bike you can tip it forward almost as much as you want. Do that on the Assault and the fan will drag into the ground, abruptly stopping any plans of you catching a tan outside while working on your fitness.


Visibly, those are going to be the main things you’re going to notice between the two bikes. Now for the similarities: The frame, for the most part, looks exactly the same. Honestly, it almost looks like you could pull parts off the Assault bike and put them directly on to the Xebex, and vice versa. The most similar thing, and what matters the most is the performance of bike. From the way it pedals, all the way to the seat itself, the Xebex feels exactly the same, which leads to exactly the same pain. The emotional gamut ranges from “F***, F***, F***…” to visions of a nice leisurely ride through the park. The real devil here is that when you start to push harder, the air resistance increases; pretty much automatically scaling the workout for the individual. It’s like riding on a fixie, without the need to wear a flannel and a mustache. Pair this with just about any functional fitness movement or by itself, and you’re going to get a hell of a workout.

In my experience the Schwinn AD6 (haven’t tried the ADPro yet) does not feel anything like the Assault bike, but the Xebex through and through feels the same. One might even argue that it’s the same bike, re-branded. They’re both made in Taiwan, and from my experience with barbells, that happens more often than you’d realize.


It’s been about a year since I had access to an air bike, but I when I did, I remember that it was pretty often. The versatility of the bike is perfect in both the garage gym or affiliate setting. Not many other things produce the same soul crushing feeling that going max effort on an air bike will. This is a piece that I regret not picking up sooner, but better late than never. The Xebex Air Bike retails for a little bit less than the Assault, at $850. If you contact GetRxd, you can get special affiliate deals and you possibly a lower price; if you’ve never shopped with them before, you’re in a for a hassle free experience. Of all the companies I’ve dealt with, GetRxd stands among the top of them as far as products and customer service go.


If you’re looking to pick up bikes for the first time, the Xebex air bike will suffice anyone’s fitness needs. Low impact training, post WOD recovery, anaerobic training, it does it all. If you’re an affiliate or athlete wanting an Assault bike, but not wanting to pay the price of an Assault bike ($999), you can rest assured you’ll get the same exact performance out of the Xebex Air Bike; all while getting 5 Xebex bikes for just about the price of 4 Assault bikes. My problem now isn’t the workout the Xebex bike is going to give me, but figuring out how many more I have to buy because my athletes love using them so much.

You can get your Xebex Air Bike here!


2015 CrossFit/Fitness Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Shopping Guide

My favorite time of the year is here, not because I like Thanksgiving, but because I love shopping.  I’ve decided to compile a list of the best deals so that you don’t have to. This post will be updated regularly throughout Cyber Monday, so make sure you bookmark this page!

As always, please make sure you click through my links to make your purchases.  It doesn’t cost you any more, but it helps me out a ton!

Crossfit/Fitness Equipment:

Rogue Fitness


Rogue is having their annual 5 ships for $5 deal starting Monday 11/23.  ANY 5 items sold through Rogue get a flat $5 shipping, which is incredible since most of their stuff is reasonably priced in the first place, but shipping almost always kills the deal.  Not to mention they’re having Matte Black Friday again, in which they compound other deals with the $5 shipping deal.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for new or limited edition items as well.  So far they have their new Rogue Fitness B&R Bar 2.0 for $250, Froning Power Rack for $950, and Parkerized Froning barbell set to launch for $275. 1000lbs of HG 2.0 bumper plates will set you back a hair over a dollar per lb ($1075 with free shipping).

Once again, if you’re looking to get a set up from Rogue, the 5 ships for $5 is the best deal you’re going to get from them, ever.

Click here to shop Rogue Fitness

American Barbell


I thought American Barbell’s deals last year were pretty good but this years look to be better. Up to 40% off stainless steel bars and $100 off the SS comp bar. $50 for wall balls of ANY size, 20% off kettlebells, $400 their beastly GHD, 25% off slam balls and free shipping on all racks and rigs.  More things to be added as well. This sale stats on Thursday and goes until Tuesday!

Shop at American Barbell

Vulcan Strength


Vulcan has 15% off all of their barbells with free shipping! Check out the Vulcan Standard Oly for $397 or Training bar for $263.

Shop at Vulcan Strength

LYNX Barbell


Hybrid bearing bars for $209/200? A 10 pack of them for $2150 SHIPPED?  They’ve got tons of equipment on sale, almost everything on their site. You don’t see many sales from LYNX, so any sale is worth it. Definitely check that Hybrid Bearing Bar out though.

Shop at LYNX Barbell

Get Rxd
black friday

I expected a sale on the Xebex bikes and rowers, but I didn’t expect these prices! $579 for the rower and $549 for the bike is insane! These are pre-order prices so they won’t ship until the end of February. Don’t forget about the amazing deal on WOD Bars and Stealth Bars; $162.50-175.50 for hard chrome Stealth Bars! The linear bearing GHD for $315 is pretty slick, as well as some of their storage solutions! 40% off 3×3 tube titan rigs!!! Check it out, deals are live! They also offer financing!

Shop at GetRxd

Again Faster


Again Faster has a ton of items up for sale already.  Any order over $500 ships for FREE, which is stellar!  They’ve got the excellent Team Barbell 2.0 on sale for $160, dumbbells/kettlebells for less than $1/lb, virgin/crumb/Klokov bumper plate sets for 30% off, Rage wall balls/training plates for 40% off, and apparel for 70% off!

Stock your affiliate up on the cheap!

Shop at Again Faster


logo (1)

They’re having random flash sales throughout the week.  Make sure you subscribe to their mailing list so you can be the first to know when a deal pops up!

Starting 12am Friday, the sales include:

Shop at FringeSport

XTraining Equipment

Talk about sales, what don’t they have for sale? DB’s for $1 per lb plus free shipping is awesome.  Buy 3 get 1 free Elite Bearing Barbells is another awesome deal.


Shop at XTraining Equipment

MuscleDriver USA

15% off and free shipping on ALL Pendlay items. This goes along with the current sale price they have on their barbells, meaning you can get a bearing bar for about $340 shipped to your door (bushing for $233!!!).  American made goodness.

Use code: MDUSA


Shop at MuscleDriverUSA

RX Smart Gear


All jump ropes, handles, and replacement cables 15% off. Inov-8 shoes 35% off and other apparel on sale for up to 40% off.

Shop at Rx Smart Gear

Cyclone Speed Rope


$25 bucks and free shipping for any rope. Check out that sweet Wonder Woman colorway.

Shop at Cyclone Speed Rope

Wright Equipment


Solid American made products right here.  If you’re looking for some awesome performing bars to stock an affiliate up with or just your home gym, Wright-Equipment has their CF series bars on sale for $175-185 with free shipping and no tax (at least to CA). 1.6/lb for their crumb bumper plates that are comparable quality to Hi-Temp and are made in Alabama.

Shop at Wright Equipment


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.48.39 AM

Let’s face it, everyone wants an Eleiko bar.  Black Friday might be your best bet, sales start on Friday and go to Monday.  More details to follow!

Shop at Eleiko




5-15% off select items.  Gladiator needle bearing bar for $225, which they’ve upped the specs to 230k psi tensile 210 yield. Their lower tier Sabre bar is going for $169.

Shop at RepFitness

Mike’s Fitness Equipment


These deals are B&M only, but if you’re local to Riverside, CA, they just can’t be beat.  $.99 per lb on kettlebells, awesome USA made Diamond Pro barbells for $169/179, crumb USA made bumpers for $.99/lb and a prowler for $149…amazing. Once again, you’re going to have to go pick it up from them but for locals you’re looking at some steals.

Shop at Mike’s Fitness

Equipment RAW


Equipment Raw has marked down a TON of their already low priced items down 70% on select items.  They’ve got a dog sled for $125, dumbbells for WAY less than $1/lb, and their new competition bars for $200 for 20kg and $180 for 15kg.

Shop at EquipmentRAW

Pure Strength


Nothing posted from Pure-Strength just yet, but it’s coming.

Shop at Pure-Strength

Fitness Clothing:


Reebok’s Cyber Monday sale is crazy! 50% off a ton of items with code: CYBER

Shop at Reebok

Rhone Apparel


A high end fitness clothing company FOR men, that’s dare I say, better that Lulu? You betcha.

30% off orders over $250 and 20% off orders 0-$250! You’ll have no problem getting to that $250 mark, trust me.

Shop at Rhone Apparel

Myles Apparel


Another great company that makes men’s fitness shorts.  The everyday short is just that, something you can wear every day to either the gym or for life. 15% off all shorts and free shipping!

Shop at Myles Apparel

WOD Gear Clothing


WOD Gear is having 35% off site-wide and in store.  Check out their ultra comfortable WOD shorts and sweats.  From what I can tell, the ladies love their booty shorts, crops, and tights.

Promo code: LIGHTSOUT35

Shop at WOD Gear


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.02.29 PM

Strike-Movement, definitely one of my favorite brands of trainers. Awesome comfort, great looks, and totally functional. Collection 2 is 35% off and Collection 3 is 25% off (Interval 3’s for $87!)…and they’re donating to charity! Get some dope kicks and do good.

Shop at Strike-Movement



They probably won’t have any sales since at normal price they already have trouble keeping things in stock, but they will be releasing a limited edition all black version of the Surplus Trainers.  They will sell out.

Shop at NoBull



My knee sleeves of choice! Starting midnight, 30% off site wide with code: BLACK2015

Check out the signature Spealler, Miranda Oldroyd, and stars and stripes sleeves.

Shop at WORKT

Strength Wraps


Strength Wraps is offering 50% off STOREWIDE with code: Loyalty50

Sale ends Saturday so get your orders in!

Shop at Strength Wraps