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Wright Equipment V3 Cerakote Barbell Review

Cerakoting barbells seems to be all the rage in 2017. For good reason, Cerakote is estimated to last 1000x longer than your standard zinc coating and have better corrosion resistance. I don’t think it’ll take long for this to end up being the standard, but for right now, it’s still a premium feature. Wright Equipment […]

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Barbell Reviews, Crossfit Bars, Oly Bars

American Barbell 20kg California Bar Review

American Barbell. Not quite a name synonymous with the world of functional fitness (yet), unless you live in California or Texas, where the events they mainly sponsor are located.  They’ve actually been around a while, mostly dabbling in weightlifting, though they have sponsored big name events such as the OC Throwdown. American Barbell actually manufactures everything from urethane […]

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