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FlexFit.No Elite Grips & Competition Belt Review

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Victory Grips Review

The quest to find the best gymnastics grips might be over! Though I liked the Bear Komplex grips, I was never 100% satisfied with them. My awesome followers put me on to the Victory Grips, and so far I love them. Like most grips, they’re not perfect, but so far they’re the best performing as far as grip and comfort go. Durability has yet to be seen, but I doubt these are going to have any issue there. If you have issues with normal grips, check out the Victory Grips.

Bear KompleX Hand Grips Review (3 Finger)

Though not perfect, the Bear KompleX hand grips are a solid offering providing great grip and comfort. Keep in mind that since you’ll probably be on the bar a little longer, you might still end up getting blisters. That being said, they’re still one of the better choices on the market.

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